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Souplantation Shigella Lawsuit

Starting on October 8, 2017, fires swept across the Wine Country. Residents and property owners have been left devastated by the Wine Country Fires, which destroyed or damaged more than 220,000 acres, over 5500 homes and thousands of other structures. The fires have also caused at least 42 deaths and countless injuries.

The evidence developed so far strongly suggests that Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) failed to properly maintain its power lines and failed to properly trim vegetation near the power lines which led to this widespread devastation. Furthering the damage, PG&E did not de-energize its power lines under dangerous high-wind conditions - further spreading the flames. Our law firm filed the first lawsuit against PG&E arising out of the Wine Country Fires, and we are committed to vigorously pursuing claims against PG&E on behalf of our clients whose lives have been forever changed by PG&E’s wrongful conduct.

If you or any of your family members were injured as a result of the fires, or if your home or businesses, including wineries, vineyards or wine stock have been damaged or destroyed, Robins Cloud LLP is here to help. Our experienced Fire Attorneys are ready to assist you in navigating your insurance claims and recovering uninsured portions of your losses.

Robins Cloud LLP has a team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to assisting our clients recover for their losses. We have the proven track record, credentials, experience and resources required to maximum your recovery through settlement or trial. Call us for answers to your questions, to address your concerns, and to help you understand the legal process at (310) 455-8194.

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