458 000 000 VIU / 960 269 ADDRESSES
458 000 000 VIU



458 000 000 VIU

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The future of the video sharing market

decentralized video sharing platform

Authors sell access to their premium content, receive donations from users and earn from in video ads. Users watch free videos and get rewards. Advertisers place ads and pay directly to our users.

Advertising budgets are distributed amongst content creators and users. No more middlemen!

All payments on the platform are done automatically in VIU tokens and the transaction history is stored on the blockchain.

VIULY tokens (VIU) are based on the Ethereum blockchain smart-contract and represent the main tool for transferring the value between advertisers, content creators and users.

We together enter the huge multi-billion video sharing market and completely change the game.

Now you're paid!

Viuly is a video sharing platform, where authors are paid for their content, and users are rewarded for watching free videos!

Our software code is open source and based on the Ethereum blockchain smart-contract. Video content storage is decentralized and built on top of the IPFS protocol.

Here are a few Viuly key features:

  • Upload free videos and create channels
  • Sell access to your premium content
  • Support and donate to content creators
  • Be rewarded for watching free videos
  • Buy premium content with VIU tokens
  • Advertise and pay directly to our users

The founding team

Ruslan Popa
Silviya Martirosyan
Aleksey Vasyanin
Igor Glavatskiy

Advisory board

Yuriy Chayka
MobiPay and mWallet founder
Seasoned entrepreneur and investor. Ideologist and founder of Fintech Cluster. Founder of RBKMoney, Autopay, Interkassa, MoneXy, mWallet, MobiPay payment systems. Partner of FinovateStudio.
Andrei Druta
Advisor Business Development
Business and Finance graduate of Oxford Brookes University has started professional career at Mayfair based investment fund in London. Then moved to launching an oil&gas trading company and finally co-launched one of the biggest mining farms in Eastern Europe.
Zahid Ali
Advisor - Strategic Business Development
Law and Business graduate and seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experiance under his belt. Primary focus on development and stratergy the latter years and blockchain solutions more recently.
Andrey Zolin
Ethereum blockchain advisor
Andrey provides expertise in Blockchain technology and smart contracts. He has 3 years’ experience in research and 5 years’ experience in IT. He developed backend solutions for Russia’s Sberbank, worked with Blockchain and smart contracts and helped to establish relations with the Ethereum network.


Our goal is to create a completely decentralized video sharing platform. No censorship, middlemen and video blocking. Be rewarded doing things you love and enjoy! Let’s make it happen!
Q3 2017

Release of the alpha version

Q4 2017

Airdrop completion

Listing on the crypto exchanges

Q1 2018

Beta version development

Q2 2018

Video sharing platform launching

Adding new functionality and connecting additional services


The number of active Viuly users exceeds 25 million people

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Any questions? read the faq

When launching a new platform, the main task is to get first 100, 1.000, 10.000 users. Where will you get them?

Initially, the company has allocated 10 000 000 VIU tokens, which will be distributed among users for registering, uploading the first video and inviting friends. This approach will attract first users to the video platform even at the alpha phase.

How do I get money for watching videos? How can I withdraw my money from the system and spend it?

VIU tokens will be added automatically to your account balance on the platform for each unique view of the video with sponsor's advertising. At this moment, you can curate video creators with tokens and get access to their premium content. You can withdraw and sell your tokens only after the end of the token airdrop and the beginning of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Which factors will affect the price of VIU tokens? What will drive their demand?

First of all, the prospects for the VIU are associated with the growth of the user base of the Viuly platform. The more there are users and video views, the more advertisers will advertise their products. Due to this, the turnover and demand for tokens will grow. Moreover, there will be a marketplace on the platform, where users can purchase various goods and services and pay for purchases with VIU tokens.

All mutual settlements between advertisers, content creators, users, sellers and buyers are carried out by VIU tokens, and this will directly boost the demand for VIU tokens.

The physical quantity of VIU tokens is limited. Therefore, due to persistent demand for a scarce resource, the cost of tokens will constantly increase.

Why do we need the Viuly platform when there is YouTube?

Viuly is a revolutionary blockchain-powered video platform, without intermediaries. A content creator uploads a video. An advertiser adds an advertisement to it. The cost of advertising is distributed between the creator of the video and the user who has watched this video. Everything is done automatically. The advertiser reduces his advertising costs by saving on intermediaries. The video creator earns many times more than on other video platforms that take 60% -70% of his income. And users are rewarded for watching videos. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

When will the token airdrop take place and what are the conditions for participation?

Total token supply: 1 000 000 000 (1 billion)
Tokens allocated for airdrop: 500 000 000 (500 million)
Token symbol: VIU

There is no need to do anything in order to get VIU tokens. All eligible ethereum holders will receive VIU tokens in their ERC-20 compatable wallets automatically.

For every 1 ETH holded in ethereum wallet, we will send 5 VIU tokens.

In order to be eligible to participate in the VIU token airdrop, your ethereum wallet have to be active with a positive balance of minimum 0.10 ETH.

Ethereum wallet addresses registered with exchanges are not eligible to participate in airdrop.

Will there be additional emissions of VIU tokens after the token airdrop?

No, there will be no additional emissions of VIU tokens.

I'm an advertiser. Isn't there a risk that advertising will be watched just to get the money for it?

Users never know in advance which video can bring them a reward and thus cannot watch a video only to receive a reward.

How will forbidden videos be moderated?

100% anonymity, autonomy and safety of the users of the platform is due to the complete decentralization and the blockchain technology. However, we are creating an automatic pre-moderation system of all video files uploaded on the platform in order to avoid the upload of a video content that affront to common sense and standards.

When violations occur, the system will automatically send information about the video to moderators. If the violation is confirmed, the video will be deleted and the user, who tried to upload this video, will automatically be downgraded in rating on the platform. The moderators are users with the highest rating on the platform, who have been randomly selected by the automatic system.

I have a lot of free server space. How can I start earning for storing uploaded videos on the platform?

Currently, there is a working alpha version of the platform connected to several test nodes. In the very near future, we will announce about the creation of a distributed network of independent nodes and you will be able to become one of them and receive a reward for storing uploaded videos on the platform. To be aware of all plans and events, you should subscribe to project news and also join us on social networks.

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