Kenny Shi

Fraud Fighter

Kenny is an online/mobile fraud expert with over 16 years of industry experience, of which 12 are managing fraud and mitigating risks for one of the largest online marketplace, one of the largest online payment providers, and one of the largest O2O services.

He has a unique blend of deep technology and business expertise, which is essential to success in fraud and risk domain. Fraud is a cat-and-mouse game, is also largely an engineering and economics problem to solve. He has not only led engineering teams to have built innovative and scalable software solutions, but has also been responsible for business analysts, data scientists, and fraud strategies.

Kenny is constantly in search for fraudsters' M.O. Only with the right understanding of incentives and motivations can the most effective product and process solutions be architected.

When Kenny's not hunting down fraudsters, he enjoys good food, classical music, and reading.


Fraud can be complex because it's not just a business problem, nor an technology problem, not an operational problem either. It's a combination of all.

From business side, to start with, business models and processes need to be designed with fraud and risk mitigation in mind; good business measurements and analytics need to be in place to measure the true cost of fraud; conscious decisions need to be made to balance fraud losses and friction to business and cost of implementation.

Fighting fraud utilizes lots of data, fast. Availability, scalability, and performance of the technology platform are demanded. Sifting through large scale of data to generate insights as well as to predict likelihood of bad actors can be challenging.

No risk platforms exist without manual reviews. Case management and operations not only keep the automated risk engine honest, but improves customer experience in case of false positives.

I've learned many things about fraud and risk the hard way. But they don't have to be hard. One of the unfortunate facts is that fraud fighters don't communicate or share knowledge or help each other enough. This is why I am starting a place to share, to collaborate, and, eventually, to win over fraudsters together.


Payment Fraud

Stolen and unauthorized use of payment instruments, such as stolen credit cards, result in chargebacks that hurt business bottomline.

Account Take Over

Unauthorized use of established accounts causes not only financial losses, but degradation of trust of the band as well.

Promo Fraud

Fake accounts and signups with stolen identity to take advantage of marketing incentives, such as bonuses and promotional credits.

Merchant Fraud

Sellers wrongly and misleadingly advertise offerings, sell low-quality items, take payments and never ship goods.

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