Barnaby Walters

I design and build modern hurdy gurdies in Brömsenberg, Germany. I aim to build instruments which are clean, compact, dynamic, expressive and musically flexible. My instruments are used by beginners and professionals alike.


The Vio is a soprano model which outperforms its compact size and offers enough musical possibilities to keep even demanding players happy for hours on end.

additional options:

Prices start from €2800. Feel welcome to get in contact if you’re interested in having an instrument built or have any questions.

Currently Available

I don’t have any instruments currently available, and am not currently building new instruments until I’ve moved house and established a new workshop. Please contact me if you’re interested in having an instrument built and I’ll advise you about availability.


I offer hurdy gurdy tuition suitable for anyone from beginners needing a starting point to more experienced players wanting technical and expressive challenges. I’m based in northern Germany but often travel around Europe — check my calendar below or send me an email at to see if I’m headed your way soon.

Upcoming Dates

2018-12-17 - 2018-12-21 In The Netherlands

I’ll be in the Netherlands for a week and will have limited availability for private lessons or instrument tryouts. Contact me for more details.

Contact me

If you’re interested in trying out or ordering an instrument, having a lesson, booking a performance or just chatting about hurdy gurdies, you’re very welcome to contact me. I’m best reached via email at

I can also sometimes be reached by German landline phone: (805) 423-8949

Ich spreche Deutsch und bin am besten erreicht per Email (frogfish) oder per Festnetz: 00 49 38855 779831