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General workers, operators and drivers
1 weeks ago


Impala Platinum mine
1 weeks ago
General workers and drivers


Impala Platinum mine
1 weeks ago
General workers and drivers


Transnet Railway Company
1 weeks ago


1 weeks ago
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Tumelo Motaung

22 years old, male
Im good at marketing,good communication skills,problem solving,and am also a hardworker,I do anything to make my manager proud.
4 months ago
Luke Coupe

Luke Coupe from Arizona

45 years old, male
Financial Consultant, Analyst, Data Scientist Leadership, Self-Motivated, Determined. I have no interest in filling out exactly what is on my CV onto this online profile. I work smart, not hard.

(818) 217-9132

19 years old, male
Good Communication Skills. Great Customer Services.

Brendon Wally from Kentucky

Im a Auto electrician at a popular company in the Eastrand, want to move back to Pretoria with my family for a better live. Know basic all sort of cars with their problems example: Renault, VW, Volvo, Mercedes, Opel, GM and it goes on. * Good with Diagnostic and fault finding. * Quick thinker * Problem solver * Good customer satisfaction * Professional in my work! * Serious in my work! * Audio installations * Automotive equipment installations * Tool operator * Alarm Installer Bonus: can install DSTV
Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones from Colorado

25 years old, female
I am a young, determined and goal driven individual who adores working with people. I am known all over as a people’s person and I get along with people from all walks of life. I adapt extremely well to my environment and work well individually and in a team and am therefore very expendable... I see myself thriving so well in the medical/pharmaceutical industry because of my determination and people’s skills...I would appreciate the opportunity to Enter this industry and be part of your dynamic team
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