We're about the same height.

From my point of view, Australia is one of the best countries in the world.

That's part of our job.

The viand prepared by Nanay is delicious.

Who bought you this dress?

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the spring.

These are boys and those are girls.


Not less than 10 people were arrested for being involved in the riot.

She pried open the door.

If I don't tell them, who will?

Why doesn't anybody help her?

Jarl drank way too much last night.


In effect, flowers are the creators of honey.

I can't eat any fruits in the mornings.

Measles can be quite dangerous.

I love you guys.

She tweezed her eyebrows.

Let's not keep him waiting.

Do you know where I live?


I had to swerve to avoid hitting the dog.

They're all scared of her.

Yes, I agree with you. It's also that.

I could go with them.

Similarly, the strongest reasons for stopping are usually the short-term benefits (for example, feeling healthier and more attractive).


Don't make her angry.

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Your house is three times as big as mine.


I stole this from him.

Can I be your friend?

Who else do you miss?

Sylvan works at a computer company in Boston.

The Western style and the Punjabi style coexist.


I can't use my left hand because of the plaster cast.

We're not done playing yet.

You never really said you love me.

He has ten cows.

We haven't seen each other for such a long time.

All the answers to this question were wrong.

I've never seen him really get down to work.

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She often changes her mind.


I'll see Sri tomorrow.

We should be with them.

This is the boy whose name is Ramneek Fisher.


Shouldn't we be helping them?

You need to help him.

We painted the house green.


How is this relevant?

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I appreciate the offer, but I can't accept it.

It's very important to her.

I'll be forever grateful.

I was helped to do my homework by my sister.

I am trying to learn English.

Radek is going to have to go alone.

I am going to visit the famous zoo.

The thieves pulled open all the drawers of the desk in search of money.

This cottage reminds me of the one I was born in.


What did he say?


She wants to stay single forever.


Checks are accepted.

Did Vilhelm have any problems that you know of?

It is not that Johnson's claim is groundless, but that it is misleading.

I'm not blaming her.

Time is limited.

He has a heart condition.

I thought Stevan did a good job.

Donne was worn out.

Don't you worry about him.

Betsy knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

Can you handle it, Oleg?

Luckily, he found a good seat.

I didn't know Syd was having a party.

We have a problem, Maureen.

I figured Randy would panic.

Can you tell us a little about Vidhyanath?

Sir seems to agree.

You were very rude to me.

You're soaking.


Had I known the truth, I would have told it to you.

Ronni and Barbra named their son John.

Mehrdad doesn't have to do that now, does he?

I want my dictionary back.

That was your plan.

My older sister gave me an iPhone, but I don't know how to use it.

Carter got a tattoo.

Religion is a contentious topic for many people.

Do you have a lot of money?

Stop calling me that.

Can you think of anyone who might be able to help us?

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Lynn is mumbling something.


She did what she had to do.

"Who is the captain?" "Marian." "Oh no, we're in trouble."

I just want to visit her.

Sandip left the building at about 6 p.m.

The parents could not help scolding their little child.

He talks as if he knew everything.

He seemed like some sort of prince from a fairy tale.

Spock was arrested.

Jeffrey spoke into the microphone.

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Hopefully, it won't happen again.

My mother bought me a nice dress last Sunday.

We just have to stick together.


Raphael noticed that his wallet was missing.


I don't think Liber will listen to you.

She has always been a popular actress.

I assure you that we care.


He betrayed his friends for money.


Al was the first boy that ever kissed Kyung.

Sridharan and Rebecca probably drowned together.

I'm sorry I mentioned it.

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We can't work under these conditions.


He doesn't need to get up so early.

I would like to buy a present for my wife. I thought about a scarf.

Don't you speak Tatoeban?


We rented a movie.


Linda couldn't stop coughing.


I wish I'd looked at the map.

Hold up your head, and look at me.

Why did it happen?


I like to have a full-length mirror in my bedroom.

Was this letter written by Les?

Those are sunflowers.

You never do anything right.

Wives are young men's mistresses, companions for middle age, and old men's nurses.


Marcia will be overjoyed.

I've got all the time in the world.

I've got a good understanding of Islam, but I know little about the Hindu religion and its culture.

I wonder the same thing, bro.

He looks healthy.


Let's hold fire for a few days.

I'd like to drive across the USA in a convertible car.

I studied English very hard every day, but I didn't learn a lot.

Who did you say that to?

He's dating my sister.

Kees opened the door to see what the weather was like.

The line is engaged.

Sheila walked out of the movie.

Loukas realizes Richard probably doesn't know what's going on.


I would be indignant (whenever people spoke hardly of me).


It is neither more nor less than absurd.

Rudy likes fried chicken.

What's missing?

She got a run in her stocking when she broke the heel of her shoe.

She's not as pretty as I am.

It almost made me cry.

I thought you were attracted to me.

What I told you about him also holds true for his brother.

She is throwing away the old newspapers.


We need some jobs.

He abandoned his family.

Does he play the piano?

I gave them a fake address.

He appears to be strong and healthy.

What a rude man!

I want you to look for Omar.

I lost my keys somewhere yesterday.

This composition is so badly written than I can not make out what he means.

Charge this to my company.

The eel I caught last week is still alive.

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Win told me that he was sorry.

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In November of 1996, Mars Global Surveyor began a 10 month mission to the Red Planet.

Kari didn't say where he was going.

I haven't told anyone about us.

I went in the direction my friend indicated.

You need not do so.