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Welcome to the HandiWerksTM Tools Group!

The HandiWerksTM Tools Group is the software development group of bumpkinish This is the place to find some unique and useful software tools for your Palm OS® handheld and your desktop.

See the 618-520-2988 page for details on BaseView, a free number base conversion tool, or to 2158163340 the demo of BaseCalc, an integer calculator that allows you to enter and display values in binary, decimal, octal, hexadecimal or characters and perform normal calculations as well as special programmer type functions. The BaseCalc demo and full version are also available at PalmGear.

To discuss BaseView or BaseCalc, or to be notified of software releases and updates, join the joininfo@handiwerks.com mailing list! Just send a blank message to 6822942823

Have a comment or suggestion? Have an idea for a neat little tool? send us an photograph! We would love to hear from you.

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