Have you ever been to Britain?

You're very religious, aren't you?


No one will be caught by his flattery.

Considering the regional cooperation and good neighborly relations as pillars that guarantee peace.

To abscond means to move in a mysterious way, commonly with the property of another.

Evan is really handsome, isn't he?

I'm going to school.


I'm a cop.

We expect to go.

If you want a lawyer and can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

Where should we go to get something to eat?

Don't just read books. Go outside once in a while and get some exercise.


I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and some are yellow.

Would you please call me up at five o'clock?

I hope you can forgive me.

It is no use trying to solve this problem.

Denis deserves to be blamed.


I was losing balance.

If you eat that you will die.

My heart, the bird of the wilderness, has found its sky in your eyes.

I like listening to NPR.

That doesn't work at all.

You were Hirofumi's accomplice, weren't you?

I'm afraid you misunderstood me.

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The cement will set in a couple of hours.

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We all need a star to steer our lives by.

Brent will be there as well.

The news caused a great sensation.

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I'm not going anyplace.


I think my computer was a tad more expensive than yours.

Call on us in case of any difficulties.

This new technology is really a game-changer.

Did you lie to me?

Meat is expensive.


I gave him my word.

The lake is made not by nature but by art.

Carlo won't go back to Boston.

Ernie told his children that Santa Claus wasn't real.

Write with your left hand.

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I hope that you aren't afraid.

How it blows!

What time does this train reach Yokohama?

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Dan managed to get Linda's fingerprints.


The principal feature of the conference is the buffet.

Maybe that's why Panos wants to see Sue.

Matt Brown is Rita Lewis's husband.

How is it you use the numbers of Arabic?

He is probably as disgusted by this as I am.


I received a postcard from my friend in Lyon.

Where is the Spanish embassy?

On the beach, I can spend time with friends.


It's worth considering.

The traveler saw a light from afar and rejoiced.

Let's go over it one more time.

We must always try to help others.

She always interacts with the audience.

Oh! Today is my day.

Accidents will happen when they are least expected.

Duane has found something.

The spider responds with a swift attack.

Why do we have to help him?

Thus the brothers were married: the oldest to a young boyarishnia, a nobleman's child; the second to the merchant's beautiful daughter, and the youngest, Tsarevitch Ivan, to a croaking frog.

I should be back in two to three weeks.

You have translated all the sentences.

Peter didn't come after all.

Pilot doesn't need to be told more than once to do something.

Why don't you start?

This is no longer an isolated problem.


Boston is a nice city.

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No one seems to be telling the truth.

I told him that.

You can make it.

Charles told me it was none of my business.

He dragged his feet.

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Naoto said that he hurt all over.

I swore I'd never do that to anyone.

I saw wolves in the Appennines.

I'm living in the city.

He's a bit of a drunkard.

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Can he speak English?

I'm a bit of an open book.

He would have failed in his business but that you helped him.


I like all of the songs that Mahesh sings.


If you have any problem, just call.

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Don't tell them about this.


People mistakenly think that the past was better than the present.

I've made up my mind to leave.

Their honesty is dubious.

The wolf will change shape, but will continue to eat chicken.

I thought it unusual that he was up so late at night.

He is not dependent on his parents.

I haven't kept any secrets from you.


I wish I had more money.

The Earth possesses a thick, oxygenated atmosphere.

Let's saddle our horses and go riding.

He is hard to deal with.

The food's spoiled because of the heat.

It is unconstitutional.

Cynthia never forgot to say thank you.

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It was a little disorienting.


Will I see you again?

Dawson just confessed.

I've been looking foward to meeting you.

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Your efforts will soon pay off.


She was wearing a red bathing suit.

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The roofer roofed the thick roof.

We have no choice but to try.

Ram's office is dark.

Why don't you both give up?

The next two years were busy ones for Jackson.

The exact date of Jesus' birth is unknown.

That boy is in love with his teacher.

Does your brother have his own house in Germany?

Is this the train for New York?


Are you like her?


The records of our discussions are kept by the secretary.

I got the same advice as you did.

Spyros lowered the bucket into the well.


I feel very close to you.

I want that car.

How sweet!


Which university are you studying at?

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How bad was the damage?

She had an air conditioner installed in her house.

Skip the dull chapters.


I don't see anything suspicious.

From the corridor, you can reach the living room, the kitchen, and the toilet, or you can take the stairs upstairs, where the bedrooms and the bathroom are.

I hope you've learned your lesson.


Darin is always out of money.

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Jarl doesn't act like a leader.

Would you rather read a novel or watch a movie?

Darrell tried to look like he wasn't afraid.

Her sweater was great, but nothing compared to what became evident below.

"I'm the witch of the sand." "The sand witch?"


Don't give up. You may lose today and win tomorrow.

Rolf knows that he can't win.

Everything will be decided on Monday.


The washing machine has broken down.


I can't take any more work.

Now it's four days to Saturday.

I wish I had eaten more.

I didn't even notice them.

Algeria is situated in North Africa.

Who else hates Knute?

That's hardly an option.

Once he saw his father there.

They built fences to keep people and animals out.

Let's keep public places clean.

This is a very sturdy chair to sit in.


Are you really willing to help?

You don't need to convince me.

The pot was mine.


He had some.

I told them to come early.

When I told him I liked the picture, I really meant that.


Cathy's handwriting isn't very good, but it's easy to read.


Suwandi died at home.