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I have lived in Kamakura for twelve years.


There was nothing interesting on TV, so I turned it off.

I hope you're happy, too.

We're not exactly sure.

When did you first notice you were being followed?

It took the doctor eight hours to do the operation.


Irish people migrated to America to have their own property.

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Torsten took several pictures.

He is bound to drop in on us on his way.

In the First World War, a large proportion of England's young men enlisted.

How do you like New York?

The rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer.


Milk is obtained from cows.

Miss Green asked two questions of me.

You'd be amazed how many apples you can buy for two hundred dollars.

I've got bad news.

Skiing is a good form of recreation.

That should about do it.

I'm not dancing for you.


Don't be so hard on your son.

I did everything by myself.

She took control of the situation.


That's not a reason to panic.

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The chicken was delicious.


Panzer is just a little bit shorter than me.

Thank you for your patronage.

In the store, there's not a soul to listen to us.

I don't know how to speak French properly.

It is a great honor for me to meet you.

He traveled to Hawaii with the family.

Well, where do I start?


I told Eddy I'd changed my mind.


I wouldn't hurt you.


In all my travels I've never seen a more beautiful mountain than Everest.


Luckily nobody died.


It was careless of me to leave my umbrella in the train.

If you dream of starting your own business, but sit, enjoy yourself and don't do anything in that direction, you will not achieve anything.

I didn't give Edgar anything.


I needed to get out there.

Are you his mother?

Mrs. Brown warned Beth, that she will always be too heavy if she doesn't eat reasonably.


In any case you had better obey your parents.

Mitchell is used to staying up all night.

They are not angry.

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What snacks do you enjoy eating?

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My hens laid fewer eggs last year.

Jwahar says Mike still needs help.

Which is easier to read, this book or that one?

Graham Greene is my favourite writer.

I wouldn't mind waiting just a little while longer.

I had to tell him that myself.

I've been sent to relieve you.

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I'll be back at six.


This new car will put other cars to shame.

Why are all these people here?

At the same time, he began to run.

I'm sorry, today is fully booked.

Could you do me a favor and wait until tomorrow morning?

The meat was overfried.

Doug is going to be flattered.


He could not get along with his neighbors.


My men are prepared to die.

"What is it that you liked about her?" "I don't know. She seemed mysterious."

Your efforts resulted in the success.


Kevyn is very good at guitar.

When speaking in Japan, it may seem like you're not listening if you do not respond while somebody speaks to you.

She has scorn for me.

Whom did you see?

I know it well enough.

She seemed to have it all.

We're none the wiser for it.

Caleb won't get in.

She thinks she knows best.

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I'll clean that up.

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We're going to get out of here.


Ahmed doesn't pay much attention to nutrition.

What kind of questions do you think Martha will ask?

Guillermo smuggled a bottle of whiskey into Simon's hospital room.


My teacher recommended that dictionary.

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Will you swim with him?


She tried hard and she failed.

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Autumn is just around the corner. It's about time the weather started cooling off.


There's a slim chance that Kathryn will be late.

We'll send them a card.

I haven't had time to look for what you wanted.

The water is really dirty.

I don't know how many more times I'll be able to do this.

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Alain should ask Bryce how to do it.


Bradford and Barrett seem to be afraid to kiss each other in public.


At what time did you arrive at your home?

The lecture was beyond me.

You have just done your homework.


He let his greed get the better of him.


Alastair gets bored quickly.

They are both very excited.

Somebody has left his hat.


It wasn't exactly a piece of cake.

We won't forget.

Many questions came up about the quality of the new product.

Jun put his arms around her.

They climbed all the day to find the source of the river.

That's all I can tell you.

She spent a good deal of money on her vacation.

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What a great guy!


Robbin could stay at our house if he wants to.

We're not all in the same place.

I don't see any significant difference.

You are weak.

I haven't replied Andries's letter yet.


Let's do it at our own pace without hurrying.

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Antonio reminded Jerome to go to the bank before 5:00.

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If you read this book again, you will have read it three times.


It goes without saying that he's the best person for the job.


Look at the monkey on that bough.


He is acquainted with my wife.

My friends congratulated me on my success.

Dan ended up in jail.


You just look at that Scot - as foolish as they come.

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This company sold unsafe products.

He may well complain about his salary.

Carole came after Raj left.

"Do you love him?" "What?" "Do you love him?" "That's none of your business!"

Saad says he doesn't want to talk about that.

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We broke down what little resistance remained.

A man with a big dog came in.

I'm familiar with your name.

Stephanie looked down at the fuel gauge.

We have managed to overcome the first obstacle.

The guests are sleeping in this room.

I'm afraid I can't.


Kimberly was surprised to see Marcel out jogging so early in the morning.


I turned them down.


Why don't you correct her?


Are you coming back for me?

Perhaps we could get a drink sometime.

I looked at my watch and noted that it was past five.


Cathryn doesn't deserve to be treated this way.


Suyog dialed Jeremy's number.


I know Louiqa will be ready.

Don't have a friend who always agrees with you, but have a friend who argues with you.

Why couldn't you tell Van?


You might be able to do that.

We made friends with them.

His house is a tumbledown affair.