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You hear and see mortgage ads every day. Radio, TV, the local newspaper. All of which advertise different mortgage programs. How do you know which one is right for you? That's where BrightPath comes in. Our mortgage professionals look at more than just the loan type and interest rate you have now. We can help you decide which mortgage loan best fits your overall financial situation.

With rates at historical lows, now is the time to look at the benefits of securing a lower rate, consolidating credit card debt and getting into a fixed rate loan. BrightPath mortgage consultants will walk you through every step of the process. We'll explain the benefits and pitfalls of each scenario and help it all make sense. 8438090867 couldn't be easier. Call today. 888 222 6003

Eliminate the frustration of shopping for rates.

It's about more than just the rate. You also have to consider the costs.

So many consumers only consider the rate or the costs when it comes to shopping for a mortgage. The truth is, it's about both. Unfortunately, comparing several estimates isn't easy unless you have the knowledge to do so. BrightPath gives you comprehensive analysis and answers to insure that your refinance or purchase transaction supports your goals.

BrightPath will also assist you in acquiring your "target rate". At BrightPath we do the shopping for you. Interest rates change all day, every day in today's unpredictable financial times. BrightPath's mortgage professionals shop the financial markets to acquire your desired interest rate. When your desired rate and closing cost scenario becomes available we can let you know at a moment's notice. Our goal is to provide you with the loan scenario that is best for YOU.

Puttingour best foot forward. The first time.

Close with confidence knowing that you received the best deal.

We understand the pain of shopping for a mortgage. Comparing rates, fees, and points can, and often is like comparing an apple to an orange. At BrightPath we take the worry out of the shopping process. We guarantee to put our best foot forward the first time and place you in a mortgage that fits your situation the best, with the lowest fees. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. See for yourself by visiting the Better Business Bureau and reviewing our A+ Rating.


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