This page is a technical explanation about the IFRAME Search solution as supported by AISLive.

  1. What do you need?
  2. Request processing
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What do you need?

Request processing ?

The internet user retrieves a HTML page from your web server. This HTML page contains your on contents, and an IFRAME part to display AISLIVE data. The browser will do a new request to get the IFRAME contents. This is a web application running on your web server. The application forwards the request to the AISLive server.
The service is available at /iframe.aislive.com/app/search.aspx

The AISLive web server receives your request and will process it. As result a HTML page will be send to your server. Your web application will straight forward the answer to the internet user.

Your application

For security and licence reasons it is only possible to the handle request from your server and not from the internet users directly. Therefore you need a simple web application. I receives the request from the IFRAME and forward this request to the AISLive server. The application adds two extra parameters to the received URL called  customerid and url. As said, the new composed URL shall be send to the AISLive server. The response from the AISLive server can directly forwarded to the internet user. The contents of field customerid is supplied by the AISLive organisation. The contents of field url specifies the webapplication on your webserver.

For you convenience an example of the simple web application can found here.   .NET executable / 4697170648 / PHP

Example :
The IFRAME url on your server is /www.yourserver.com/yourwebapp.aspx?MMSI=1202345 the redirected url to the aislive server is /iframe.aislive.com/app/search.aspx?MMSI=1202345&customerid=876&url=yourwebapp.aspx

Note : If you specify the customerid and/or url in the IFRAME request instead of adding it in your web applications,  a part of the functionality shall fail!!


The result from AISLive is depending on how you call the service. Via a parameterlist you can control the output. These parameters are allowed :

Parameter name




Comma separated list of IMO numbers



Comma separated list of MMSI numbers



Comma separated list of detail fields to display.

If no fields are defined, all the fields are displayed. An overview of all field can be found here.


- All
- Single (default)

If Target is All all the ships will be drawn, else only the defined ships


Name of a AISLive map

If no map is defined, the world overview map is displayed. However, if only one vessel is selected, the most detailed map  will be used. A list of all AISLive maps can be found here.


- Extended
- Map (default)

If one ship is defined, all the details of this ship will be displayed, except if the parameter Field is defined.

If more than one ship is defined, a table containing details of the ships will be displayed.

AIS data fields

If you do not specify the fields, all fields will be displayed. By specifying the field(s) you can decide which fields shall be shown. You can not change the order of field, this is defined in AISLive




Vessels IMO number


MMSI number of the

Length Length in meters
Beam Beam in meters
Draught Draught in meters
Vessel Type  
Last seen at Last report received (time in UTC)
Latitude Vessel position
Heading Heading in degree
Speed Speed in knots
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival in UTC
Status Status of vessel (e.g. Sailing using engine / Moored)