The red light above the door was on.

The students ought to study more.

Luis told me how the movie ended.

You gonna see me change.

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I often hiccup.

He was devoid of human feeling.

Again, the toddler says, "no, I won't" as he is wont to do.

What kind of mushrooms are they?

Give them money.

We're no different, you and I.

His beating four competitors in a row won our high school team the championship.

I think we should move on to another topic.

Socorrito isn't speaking to me anymore.

Rolf was in his late thirties.

We tried to walk past them.

The new tunnel is twice as long as the old one.

Nothing will take me away from you.

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I have just read this book.


I estimate the production costs to be 36 percent of the budget.

Gunnar could've said something.

Go have some fun.

The strong should take care of the weak.

Do you think Debi can handle the situation?

I live in Beijing now.

This is not a video game, Terri! Slow down.

That is madly expensive.

His books are interesting.


He nodded when I asked if he understood.


Your English is not good enough.

She wriggled her toes.

Winston didn't read everything as carefully as he should have.


Nobody tried to help us.

I think you're a little confused.

Thank you for changing your clothes.

"This is the police. Would you mind coming down to the station?" "W-why?" "You can't think it's not a crime to go shooting guns off in the middle of town?!"

when did you learn swimming?

I have three pieces of baggage.

Where should I put this?

I assume you must be a close friend of Marguerite's.

I plan to buy him a pen.

What does your sister do now?

She wants to know who sent the flowers.


I'm very much in favor of cutting taxes.


When Benson was a kid, the only book in the house was a Bible.

Except for Noam, everyone in the office left at 2:30.

You should listen to what he says. It makes sense and it's for your sake.

Have you showered?

Will this medicine really do me any good?

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You need an appointment for that hospital.

He would remind people again that it was decided not only by him but by many others.

The corners of his lips showed a bluish tinge that really worried the nurse.

Is reality really real?

I've never seen him that mad.

Here is your bill.

She lived in five different countries by age 25.

We don't want them to leave.

I knew you'd get here in time.

Tricia is the only one in our family who doesn't have a driver's license.

The question is what do we do about it.


I like almond milk.


As I stood alone in that deserted place, I realized that the darkness had eroded my confidence, hands shaking violently.

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This box weighs a ton.


I worry about whether I'll be a good father.

We have no reason to be angry.

Romantic, isn't it?

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Ric isn't always happy.

What languages do you know how to speak?

We consider public libraries a legitimate citizen's right.


She felt dazed.

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He spent the evening reading.

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Adam had no money left.

I'm jealous of her.

That's what I'd try to do.

Jiri wanted to explain, but Sherri wouldn't let him.

Hey, get away from the wall.

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The public accounts committee caucused privately to write their final report, which had to remain confidential until it was formally tabled in parliament.


Are you still interested?

He took the job for the sake of his career but he didn't like it.

I'm sure glad I found you.

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Tell him that I'm ready.


Do I look like an idiot?

Susan likes cats.

Dean suggested a plan similar to mine.

I asked my boss for a pay raise.

Gordon doesn't have enough money to buy a motorized wheelchair.

I promise I won't hit anyone.

These are two nice pictures.

Herve looked really busy.

It wasn't the mark that he was expecting.

That daimyo holds a fief yielding 100,000 koku of rice.

He often absents himself from school.

With this you can make a clean sweep of leftover breakfast smells and such to make the air clean.

His diligence turned out a disadvantage after all.


The soldier said that death is not to be feared.

You'll pay for what you did to me.

Sheila didn't even want to go to the park.

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You're tough.

To know is one thing, to practice another.

There's no point arguing with Sergio.

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Anita says that she's willing to do it for free.


Shannon doesn't want to eat.

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I've got a frog in my throat.

The common adder is ovoviviparous.

Catherine got a part-time job as gardener.

Do you want to see them?

It is easy to form a plan, but it is difficult to carry it out.

You should go back right now.

As the wind blows, so does his jacket.

That was a very nice lunch.

On Saturday we went to the movies, then to the restaurant.

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The environment was the focus of student council activities.

I am afraid of bears.

Now I am enjoying my new life style.


I want to live in the country.

It's what you wanted, isn't it?

Do not fear the unexpected, but be prepared for it.

Erwin talked to Harv's neighbors and asked them if they knew where she'd gone.

How did you know Metin was coming here?

I knew Ben wasn't going to be busy today.

He was delicate as a child.

We are really late.

I've never felt this way about anyone before.


I cut my finger peeling potatoes.


The submarine hid in the depths of the ocean.

This is a product for men.

Steak is often accompanied by red wine.

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Troy is just a mixed-up kid.

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You can come to visit me, but only if you promise to behave well.

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Business casual means you can wear khaki trousers with a button-down shirt, but not shorts with a T-shirt.

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Kristian sat by the window, reading a book.

We took a short rest on the way.

Look, I'm not going to tell you again.


Heinrich is at work, isn't he?


After the holidays, I'll probably need to go on a diet again.


So why am I crying again?

There is a hut below the bridge.

I finally was able to find out where Ravindranath lives.


Her illness kept her from attending the party.


This song makes me happy.

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Do you like playing sports?


Cathy and his friends painted the barn yesterday.

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Let's play baseball!


Matti could've come with me.

Everyone knows that Milo has a thing for you.

Hirofumi isn't supposed to come here.

I've decided to become a scientist.

Improvements in technology helped them succeed.

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Did Ji find her?

"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

The book is white.


Come on any day you like.

I think we'd better talk outside.

Why did you stop talking?

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No one is obliged to do more than what he or she can.