I just moved.

We could all use some sleep.

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I'll take it.

I'd like to see the Statue of Liberty.

I made a promise to them.


It was kind of you to invite us.

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Sometimes it is pleasant to look back on one's childhood.

Clare is painting the house himself.

Harmon is already an hour late.

It's a pain that doesn't go away.

The stars were brilliant in the clear night sky.

You can go or stay, as you wish.

We have a serious problem on our hands.

I can take him home.

The man robbed the traveler of his money.

The two brothers are quite unlike in their appearance.

The passengers load their suitcases and luggage into the trunk.

What would you do in this situation?

Major plays tennis well.

You can't treat me this way.

We had a nice weekend.


Never have I seen such a big whale.

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I'll speak to you at a more convenient time.

Get out of my kitchen!

Dana has to stay home and take care of his children.


The soup is a bit too salty.

You do fine work.

Why didn't you stay with her?


The old woman you just saw is my grandmother.


I often played truant.

He has many acquaintances but few friends.

Whether you like it or not, the job has to be done.

They're older than her.

I don't know how much longer it'll take.


Valeria said that he'd be a few minutes late.

Wake me up at seven o'clock.

Take good care of them.

Gretchen told his teacher that the reason he had been absent was that he had been sick.

I wasn't on duty then.

Ramesh was too proud to ask for help.

Naren's cooking breakfast.

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This is where Nicolette stays when he's in Boston.


Is Scot planning to be at today's meeting?

As I said the job position is still open.

Sir is going to drive you to the airport.


Nici can't seem to help himself.


Glenn is a pretty good basketball player.


I just want a vacation.

Wendell plans to hire someone that speaks French.

It'll probably take you about 10 minutes to solve this problem.


Certainly she wouldn't have dreamt that I would get up promptly without grumbling.

That stinks.

It's a spectacle you won't forget.


She saw a mouse.


The subtlety of this modern empire building puts the Roman centurions, the Spanish conquistadors, and the (...) European colonial powers to shame. Today we do not carry swords. We do not wear armor or clothes that set us apart. (...) It is how the system works. We seldom resort to anything illegal because the system itself is built on subterfuge, and the system is by definition legitimate.

Adrian didn't bother to answer.

I am glad to see you!

Why don't you guys do something?

This boy has been up all night.


She wears a woolen sweater.

Phiroze was getting impatient.

She was heard to sing to the piano.

Tomorrow, we'll begin.

We will be six.

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Sing with me. It isn't difficult.

Break the chocolate into small pieces.

You're unoriginal.

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"I really need some new clothes," thought Dima.

Mason was trying to protect you.

In 776 B.C., the first Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mount Olympus to honor the Greeks' chief god, Zeus.

It's better for you to do what your lawyer advises.

They can understand everything he's saying.

The sweet lulling beauty of the birch.

I think I like eating white rice better than brown rice.

I'm not going to wear a tie.

I called her to tell her that she had forgotten her phone at my house, but she didn't answer.


Make sure to back up all your files.


We are going to rent a car by the hour.

We're trying to find ourselves something decent to eat.

It won't be quite the same.

I don't want people to hate me.

I thoroughly regretted staying up so late, come morning.

Who built it?

Spass can't help that.

I want to ask you a question.

That cormorant lost the ability to fly.

Anita doesn't want to be seen with Jean-Christophe.

I promise I'll never tell her.


Santa is pretty romantic, isn't he?

You're just nervous.

Tigger and Suu started kissing each other as soon as the light was turned off.

This book should be read with diligence.

Earnie is married to Al, isn't he?

She was accorded permission to use the library.

Ssi doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

It keeps me up at night.

I cannot mix chilli with my food.


Nothing like the natural.

Anybody have a match?

I thought Paul was in the bathroom.


Muslims believe only in Allah as the unique God, and in Mohammad as the last prophet.


Rudolf has built a large house.

"I love you," he whispered.

This may change next year.

Hal opened the door.

Loren is going to get through this.


Is that going to happen soon?

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I'd like to see what Rafik can do.


I'm afraid that in my translation, part of the original meaning has been lost.


I'm not one hundred percent convinced that's true.

Charlene has no weaknesses.

I was given the task of cleaning the office.

The children got lost in the woods.

He managed to get himself promoted last week.

Don't make a decision right now.

The depressed economy showed signs of improving.

I hate watching TV.

Johann will never understand why we want him to do this.

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"How do you get a lawyer out of a tree?" "Cut the rope".

The hurricane damaged the small house.

Do you want me to help you with the cooking?

I started that.

Dale brought Wilmer some water.

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My aunt had three children.

Her disappearance gave zest to the mystery.

Whoever was sitting here left his pencil.

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I'll see him tomorrow at school.

What hours is it open?

I'm at the station now.

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Lewis couldn't get the tickets you asked him to buy.

I'm not going to be working with you anymore.

Cruelty is quite alien to his nature.

Did Kieran seem upset?

I love to tell stories.


Hubert broke the cup.


He will get well very soon.

Give me a reason for doing such a thing.

Patrick was wearing a brown coat.

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You cannot depend on his support for your project.

This is just what Simon needs.

Did you see that stuff?

Do you play a musical instrument?

There are no chairs in this room.

The rich merchant adopted the boy and made him his heir.

We got up at dawn to avoid a traffic jam.

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I'm not going to be embarrassed anymore.

I sincerely hope you'll get well soon.

These kids are in danger.


This job has no future.

I need thread to sew on this button.

May the force be with you.


Don't waste your time.

Wolf is going to be late again.

You met Colin, didn't you?

Micky doesn't have a TV at home.

He greeted his parents.

Respect the rights of the disabled just as you respect those of pregnant women and the elderly.

What a good thing you say!

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The time may come when we will have no war.