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Hardware development

Your project you might require some hardware electronics. Our team will guide you from an idea to production in your hardware needs.

Embedded software

Most electronics require some sort of embedded software these days. We can offer both support in your own development, and develop embedded software from schratch.


Whether it's a product which needs a User Interface, or you have an idea for an application (mobile/PC). Our engineers are skilled in QT and can create any desired application.


Take a look at some of our finished projects


TestOK automated tester


Electron Microscope


Central Phonebook Application


Wiegand Levelshifter

Nexi Entertainment

Modular Pedalboard


The story of Tulpion

  • 2015-2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Tulpion was founded with the vision "Big or small, all projects are welcome as long as they are fun."

  • January 2018

    Our first own product kickoff

    We decided to expand our teams efforts by not only providing services to other businesses and individuals. We will be developing our first product, trying to solve a problem many of us encoured more than once. More about this will follow on the product launch..

  • November 2018

    We become officeless

    By november 2018 Tulpion will no longer have an office. All activities are done remote, and our team has adapted scrum to coördinate all project efforts.

    To handle all projects we have partnered with a few remote freelancers. They will be supporting us in the Embedded software and Application projects.

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