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Don't make mistakes!

Srinivasan wasn't feeling particularly talkative.

They made me captain.


The figures in this table are shown in thousands.

I can't believe I just promised Allen that.

There seems to be a problem.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

I guess I should say thanks.

I just need to find Steven.

He flew to New York on business.

I can hear the sound in your mind.

It's a holiday tradition.

As troops closed in the town was abandoned to its fate.

I stopped by her house.

The water is clean.

It's worth the chance.


I don't think Dave would really want that.

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Nothing has been proven yet.


"Where's Ann?" - "In the other room, packing his bags."

I thought we were going to win.

I drank beer last night.


How did I come here?

We have only a small garden.

My mother hates to watch television.

Clark has trouble dealing with this kind of situation.

And then Mat started shouting and told everyone to go home.

Chill out now. Calm down.

I don't mean that at all.


Claude went for a swim last night.

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You can't depend upon that.

My brother is not yet in school.

I can't fix the seat.


It's still in good condition.


Most people around here have no electricity.


Jwahar became upset and began to cry.

The walls of the town were destroyed.

Did Cathrin say how long Nick would be in Boston?

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When it comes to disco dance, I can't hold a candle to Susan.

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I didn't get any of that.


We were unable to rescue Cindy.

Lego construction toys are some of the most popular toys on the planet.

Ed just got up and left.

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The third quarter GNP growth was 1% over the preceding quarter.

Here's where we separate the men from the boys.

Felicja likes to watch TV.

The map's legend shows what each symbol stands for.

At the beginning of a sentence a capital letter is used.

He's a dumb as a rock.

Let's eat in the park like we used to.

Lorien set the bird free.

I suppose you want me to invite Ben to the wedding.

Do you think that's significant?

I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother.


I wish I could remember everything Audrey told me.


I haven't eaten.

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She left him in peace.


Don't sleep with the windows open.


He really likes the United States.

Pete had trouble thinking straight.

People left me alone.


I have to commute all the way from a distant suburb.

It must've been an accident.

You're needed at once, Mehrdad.

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Here they are!

I don't understand this word. Could you explain it to me?

Roman would've loved this movie.


We can't protect him.

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I had some calls to make, too.

It was fast and fun.

I thought I was your boyfriend.

We need to talk.

I hope that she listens to me.

Kari thinks that's a mistake.

Do you like to be kept waiting?

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I told her to wait in the car.


He is staying with his aunt.

I want to hire him.

McClellan tried to calm Lincoln's fears.


Is eating pork a sin?

I beat one.

Smoking is the major cause of lung cancer.

He doesn't see his family in his busy life.

I'm sure you'll enjoy studying French with Sharada.

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I'm best at math.

Kylo suddenly disappeared.

I'll try to reach Jennifer.

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Everybody wished he had been elected governor.

Maria didn't want to play poker.

A number of people were killed.

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I feel more alert after drinking a cup of coffee.

Nobody saw me do it.

I'm calling the cops unless you leave right now.

Brazil's population is much larger than that of other Portuguese-speaking countries.

If one person's qualities are really good, and they have one hundred points, but of those hundred they only give you thirty or forty, or even ten or twenty and then inversely, another person maybe only has seventy or eighty points but they treat you with their heart and soul, then which person should you choose?

I see the golden cross.

Lana could have come yesterday, but he didn't.

Jack isn't there.

Looks like it's not that easy, huh?


No one except Eli knows what really happened.

Lui has been waiting to see what will happen.

I have something that I'd like to say.

Men have a longer ring finger than index finger, while both fingers tend to be the same length for women.

I want to see him.

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What do you feel like doing tonight?


This is my territory.


Sir's name is on the list.

I cannot stand this noise.

Everyone's laughing at us.


Lorien is preparing dinner in the kitchen.

Give me your blood, I will give you freedom.

Gene and Kyle aren't interested in buying a house with a pool.

That happened seventeen years before the Wright brothers flew for the first time.

Ramesh read The Grapes of Wrath in high school.


I'm not concerned with that.

Amy doesn't want anybody asking questions about Del.

My father is getting better by degrees.

I will open the door.

It's about time for lunch.

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Do you have a knife?


Firstly: We, your forebears, cannot help you from the land beyond. Secondly: The slayer of wheelchairs came here incognito and therefore could only have brought a small number of guards with him. And thirdly: there is (supposedly) no beautiful princess. Got all that? Well, then have fun with your task.

Who doesn't know that?

It's not bothering anyone.

Can you make him smile?

She's just like you.

No baseball player had been as admired as he was.

As economy develops, labor-intensive industries give way to capital-intensive industries.

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Franklin is using Turkeer's computer.

We don't owe Merat anything.

And if the vacuum explodes, it is called a black hole.


They are not used to our customs yet.

Your death will be painless.

Sanjib may have been sleeping at the time.

I must hasten to add that I do not mean to blame him.

She stopped sewing and had some tea.

Would you ask Nick to join us?

The whole crew left except for Nate.

Attached you will find the VAT invoice for your recent purchase.

Kirsten claimed that Earnie shot him.

I'd rather watch paint dry.

It's raining again. I wonder if we will be able to have the February snow festival?


I'd ask them.

I owe Kemal 300 dollars.

A study found that almost 10% of men were obese in 2008. That was up from about 5% in 1980.

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There may be more delays.

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Hein has a small cabin on the lakefront.

It was charming to see how these girls danced. They had no spectators but the apple-pickers on the ladders. They were very glad to please them, but they danced to please themselves (or at least you would have supposed so); and you could no more help admiring, than they could help dancing. How they did dance!

Can you see the snow-topped mountain?

He saved my life.

I'm a man without a woman.

I have no interest in money.

He used to play with her in his childhood.

I like your necklace.

If you walk a lot, you will develop calluses on your heel.

I should've written it down.

Mayo was too nervous to speak.

Jan seems to be optimistic.

It cost me 50 dollars to have my watch fixed.