You make me want to be a better person.


You should be in jail.

I'm sure you have many friends.

He kissed her hand.

He refused to close the door.

I catch a cold every year.


I borrowed Jane's car.


The new method was anything but ideal.

He's a bus driver.

Was Root left behind?


This song is a love song.


Come dance!

I used to sit up late at night.

Lenora works on an oil rig.

And what about a coffee?

The mayor of Naples has apologised to a US tourist who was beaten up by local residents shortly after he was mugged.


That's all I wanted to say.

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This discovery has been exploited to the detriment of the poor peasants.


Are you hitting on me?


I will confirm my plane reservation.


The sun appeared on the horizon.

She can take control of the situation.

Kate needs you more than we do.

I will pay for it by check.

I think I'd better go with you.


It can make some people, especially elderly people and infants, very ill.

He is nice.

Can't you find anything better to do?


No one believed what you said.

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Marie believes in life before death.

Why don't you run for president?

When I was in school, I dreamed of becoming a pilot.

Finally he invited all and sundry to partake of the cake and all.

The US government has always regarded England as the United States' house pet.

It's a trip I won't forget.

Bonnie didn't have to take off his shirt.


His ill health interfered with his research.

I told her to meet me here.

How much money do you owe Jos?


Where did you park the truck?

He made a bet with her.

Bertrand can't see without his glasses.


A peplum top paired with cigarette trousers is a chic, modern look a girl can wear just about anywhere.


Suzan is very good at French.


Brazilian and European Portuguese sound very different.

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Don't let anyone hear you say that again.

Judy got married at 26.

My father put a fence around the garden.

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Don't be an asshole.


You can't give up now, not after all the effort you've put into this.

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I speak a little Slovenian.


Can that be achieved?

It's urgent that I see her.

Howard never knew the difference.

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I can't go any faster.

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Hy was bullied.


Isn't it better to get drunk and cut loose once in a while and blow off the tension of daily frustration?

Has that ever happened to you before?

Some think that too much intellectualizing will reduce their sexual vigour. It's like modern-day superstition.


They already know it.

I haven't gone to the movies since I got here.

Nick asked me if I was hungry.

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What with the rain and a bad hotel, we didn't enjoy our holiday much.


The fire is remembered in history.


You should get that checked.

Farouk heard Turkeer coughing.

In Antarctica, scientists have drilled down two miles below the surface and brought up samples of the ice. These samples are called ice cores.

How long have you been living in Kobe, then?

Let's have a chat.

The following people were put to the test.

He spends a lot of time on the phone.

Stop running!

Let's go tell Matt.

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He backed his car into the garage.

You should go too!

You're just not trying.

The new employee locked herself in the freezer.

I hope spring sticks around just a little bit longer. I hate summers.

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Hirotoshi took off his coat and hung it in the closet.


Andrea's face showed his relief.

He wanted to absent himself from the class.

I tried to persuade her in vain.


This might be the last time we ever see each other.


Esperanto belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that.

It was child's play.

I think we're to blame.


You can use my car.

It seems like the right thing to do.

Lawrence and Blake tossed a ball back and forth.


Do you really want to risk that?


Jack is busy cooking for us.

The teacher's work is teaching.

It may be snowing in Hokkaido.

My father is very particular about food.

I had a talk with her.

I'm in my third month since it started and the flow is extremely heavy and my period is lasting up to 14 days.

"Here ... the sound of the cicadas is different." "Oh my, I'm impressed you noticed. You've got a good sense of pitch!"


I only have one brother.

A key to a woman's heart? What are you on about? The only thing you have to do is to fuck her!

Gary laid flowers at Reiner's grave.


It's just pepper spray.

This only increased his desire to be revenged on the murderous duke.

He brought the world to its senses.


Do you want to get some lunch?

I think this lamp has a short because the light comes on only if I jiggle the cord.

Sorry, what was your name again?


They made a claim for higher pay.


Are you hungry now?

The tax reform will not touch the banking industry.

We had an arrangement.

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You really don't like me much, do you?

Jackye's translation sounded rather stilted.

I am not fond of pets.


I went to the room.

We cannot let them infiltrate our network.

Frankly speaking, this novel isn't very interesting.


No system is perfect.


Tycho's painstakingly collected data was reduced by Kepler to become grist for the mill that ground out Newton's gravitational theory.

Horst is very particular.

We should discuss this later.

He hurt himself during yesterday's game.

Eduardo is a tough guy.

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Do you want Price to do that for you?


Every time Henry smiles at him, Gill feels happy.


Take her out of here.


It was the most painful thing in my life.

Neville lost his beloved son.

He adores him.

Pick a date.

This is the book I want you to read.

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In Britain, mince pies are traditionally eaten at Christmas time.


I was unable to breathe because of the smoke.

He threw a stone at the big dog.

This is how I mastered English.

Wake me up when we get to Clayton's.

We gave up trying.

Tell me if you don't think this is funny.

If you want me to help, just ask.


"We need to teach him a lesson." "And how are we going to do that?" "I have an idea."

When answering this question, some people might put forward this kind of example: "Chinese people are very hospitable, whilst English people are more reserved."

Nguyen could still be alive somewhere.

How can I meet this quota?

She had a headache from lack of sleep.

The noise gradually became louder.

Who else was at the party?