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CTL Engineering is a leader in providing concrete testing to the construction industry for commercial or residential projects. Certified by AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory to test concrete, asphalt and soil, CTL has 35 years of experience providing concrete testing that adheres to ASTM standards. They are also equipped to prepare and test Portland cement and bituminous concrete mixes for optimization studies to insure the proper mix design for specific jobs.

Concrete testing available from CTL include:
  • Drying Shrinkage (ASTM C157)
  • Rapid Chloride Permeability (ASTM C1202)
  • Creep Testing (ASTM CS12)
  • Concrete Admixture Evaluation (ASTM C494)
  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Compression Tests (ASTM C39)
  • Flexural and Split Tensile Strength Tests
  • Radar on Concrete (GPR)
  • Impact-Echo Flaw Detection
CTL can also provide specialty tests on concrete blocks and bricks. These tests include:
  • ASTM C-90 with Fire Rating
  • ASTM C-67 with Efflorescence Testing
The U.S. Grant Bridge
The U.S. Grant Bridge
Connecting Ohio and Kentucky
CTL Engineering played a significant role during the construction of the U.S. Grant Bridge in Portsmouth, Ohio by authoring the project Quality Control Plan with an addendum to include Concrete Maturity Testing. CTL also provided creep testing, concrete mix designs including maturity testing and field and laboratory testing of all cast-in-place concrete used for the bridge from the top of the caissons to the top of the towers.

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