I'm not the one looking for a job.

Amanda has twenty first cousins on his mother's side, and an unknown number on his father's side.

Children often bother their parents.

I'm not holding my breath.

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He decided to continue the plan.

Do you have hair clippers?

Look at the boy jump!

I didn't ask Glenn to do that.

How is it possible to believe without seeing? Perhaps the real is not what one sees.

I want to become better at teaching.

That wasn't necessary.

Where did the tragedy occur?

Naim doesn't like talking about his feelings.

Does your best friend live in the same street as you?

High rises are mushrooming in the heart of the city.


Man will die sooner or later.


It would be great if there was a Japanese edition.


I had a full time job with him.

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I stayed home so I could rest.

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"I think it is gone," he said. But it was not gone.

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This new town is beautifully laid out.

War is not 'the best way of settling differences; it is the only way of preventing their being settled for you.

Show me your badge.

There's hope for you yet.

I had breakfast in haste in order to be in time for the first bus.

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What are the facts?

Kitty asked after his father.

I thought you were going to call in sick.

He was convinced that he could make a success of the weekly magazine in the long run.

Maybe you can help me find out where Jelske went.


If I had 25% more income, I'd be more satisfied with my life.

You're out of booze.

We have to go get them.

We've done everything we can right now.

Is she looking for something?

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Is there a discount if you pay in cash?

Remember Pat's advice.

What is the problem?

Are you falling for him?

Ganon has another trick up his sleeve.


I will call you tomorrow afternoon.


He came over and cooked dinner for me.

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The focus of the talk is put on the content.

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The answer seems too obvious.

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I'm in danger.

Do you think it's stupid?

She kicked him in the nuts.


Duty should come before anything else.

The weather remained rainy.

He explained his plan both to my son and to me.

Emmett dumped the contents of his briefcase out on the table.

He doesn't see the point in life.

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After I die, I hope that people will say of me: "That guy sure owed me a lot of money."

He makes young girls' hearts flutter.

He resigned from the post.


Amir doesn't require much supervision.


He plays the drum.

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I guess you must be very hungry.

I was greatly moved by her kindness.

He was the only one who came to the party.

It's just not worth the effort.

It's not bugging me.

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She lives near the ocean, but she can't swim.


Yes. She got an introduction from her previous doctor and transferred to this hospital.


She is getting on.

I'll get in touch with you soon.

The Kamo runs through Kyoto.


I'd like to get to know her.

The restaurant was far from the train station.

You know Mayo doesn't trust you.


Japan has to import most of its raw materials.


I was detained all day.

I pretended to have an affair on purpose because I was angry with you and Marla but in truth I only loved Audrey.

I'm going to call Vicky right now.

How long have you been doing this?

As soon as Mosur finished work, he went home.

This composition is free from errors.

Did Sri really get into Harvard?


It's pretty routine.

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Caleb is the most influential man in Boston.

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There is a lot more I wish I could say.

That girl's dress made her look like a grown-up.

The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you never know whether or not they are genuine.

I'm Per's counselor.

The car that's in front of me is Karam's.


It'll never change.


There's no time, so ready-made pack OK?

I just want Coleen to hear the truth.

What's your best friend's name?


You were spectacular.


This mountain path ascends to the beautiful lake.

The whole town was in a ferment.

The first time he met his friend was when he was bathing in the sea.


They loaded the truck.


He was so rich that he could buy any painting he took a fancy to.

Change trains at Sendai Station for Tokyo.

It's been several years since I've been camping.

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Eduardo was not jealous.


Which do you like better, Denver or Montreal?

Pilot sat down on the park bench and began to read his book.

Try to hold on a little longer.

I've just eaten.

Is it okay if I open the curtain?

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She drew a tree.

You've got to get down to your work.

Mr Iuchi has no one to fall back on.

You can't see the forest for the trees.

That's a great picture.

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Joe looked sad yesterday?

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Some things you shouldn't even say jokingly.


She didn't reply to my letter.

I was just trying to impress him.

Would you please stop singing?

The pencil is small.

I have just been to the airport to see my friend off.

I can take Anatoly.

They didn't pay me.

Vick rarely shows emotion.

I wasn't conscious of anyone watching me.

Hey, I've got a better idea.

Toby, desperate, howled: "Sekar! Where are you?" from the very left edge of the sentence. "I fear I'm from now on, fully at the opposite from you" drily retorted Louis.

Ira is only in town for a few days.

There are more ignorant people than wise people, and even in the wise people there is more ignorance then wisdom.


We need a goal in life.

Hello, are you Mr Ogawa?

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space.

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That was a fearful scene.

Wake me up at six, please.

Toasts always fall on the buttered side.


What happened changed Mariou's entire life.

What time do you want me to be at work tomorrow?

It's Pim's turn to wash the dishes.

Saqib restricts the amount of meat in her diet.

We should go to the party together.

I guess we're not on the same wavelength.

You don't have to tell me everything.

"When does he study?" "He studies before dinner."

Scientists are working hard to put an end to AIDS.


Everybody desires happiness.

I knew you'd like Stanley.

The employees want to form a union.


This road is full of sharp turns.

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I asked for a seat in the smoking section.

She didn't take part in our conversation.

She bit her lip.

Don't forget that we'll play a very special acoustic show.

The meeting isn't over.

I can't bother.

If not now, when?

Just tell the truth.

I want those kids to leave.

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The school awarded Karen a prize.