Field of the Sun

At the Champ du Soleil farm we work with solar power to run our grow house and barn. With a small footprint and careful management, we minimally affect our beautiful mountain surroundings. Our crops are carefully tended by hand without the use of pesticides or hormones as we strive to raise the very best products possible.


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We specialize in Heirloom variety greens from days gone by. We love the whimsical names like Speckled Trout, Tom Thumb and May Queen. Our teeny Tennis Ball lettuce variety was grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. We are firm believers in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!


Meet The Farmers

Farmer Jack

Farmer Jack

Dirt Man

Jack is backbone of this operation. He is technology brilliant. He is steady, He is dependable. He brings to reality the hair brained ideas that come out of Jill's knotty head. He is prone to technological genius.

Farmer Jill

Farmer Jill

Leaf Petter

Jill is the dreamer in the crowd. She loves her plant babies with a passion. She dreams up clever ideas with regularity and bothers Jack a lot to make them happen. She cooks too.

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