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Hi I am Sherine Lovegrove. We are at present updating the site to give it a much fresher look. Hopefully it will not take too long.

However, in the meantime you could have a look at the video that I have done which will tell you a little aout the ICAN® Change Transformation Model, a model that I developed, that is designed for changing a problematic behaviour and making those changes stick

If after you have listened to the short video and you feel that the ICAN® Model might be just the right model for you,  I have given a much more detailed information of the ICAN® Model on my slam-bang show.

Please do not hesitate to email directly or message me on Facebook and let me know how you get along with the process.

Training dates for the ICAN Change TransformatoionModel will be published soon


“The Aha Moment!: How To Get Maximum Results For The Least Amount Of Effort”


I have spent most of my working life as a health therapist in one form or another. I began my career in nursing where I specialised in Midwifery and Intensive Care before moving into full-time Complementary Medicine in 1997 where I specialised in several body-mind modalities. I believe that this has enabled me to apply a wholly integrated approach to my therapeutic work.

A core aspect that I have is that  I am a proverbial student and am always looking to develop myself further. I obtained my master’s in cognitive neurosciences and neuropsychology for Birkbeck Collee, London in 2015 and am currently studying for my doctorate in Quantum Integrated Medicine. I believe that this will further support me in my mission which is to have Quantum Integrated Medicine as an integral part within the field of medicine, and not merely be an adjunct to it.

I realise that this would involve a very different mind-set to what is currently being in operation today. However, I think a start might be to remember that we are powerful beings and that we can achieve amazing things if we harness that power in a constructive way so that it can serve us.  To do this this would involve us moving into a completely differnt state of Consciousness where we can the impossible can happen, and not only that, that it can happen frequently.

On a more personal note,  other than my partner whom I love dearly and walking mountains, my absolute love, is helping people to transform their lives so that they can create a new state of being.

This can be simply from being able to permanently change a difficult behaviour or where a person permanently heals themselves from a terminal or chronic illness.

I am so excited that science is catching up with ancient wisdoms that are leading us into a world of new and infinite possibilities that few ever conceived of or even believed was possible.

I am also the author of the best seller “the Aha Moment” which is a book that describes the process that I took to change a problematic behaviour and for those changes to stick – For Good!! From this learning I developed the ICAN® Model which is a 4-step approach that helps people to generate naturally occurring brain states which potentiates transformations to happen. When we experience these transformation moments it oopens a doorway  or us to break from our habits FOREVER. I am immensely proud of this accomplishment.

Many of my clients I see on a 1-to-1 basis for coaching and therapy. However, I also deliver trainings and workshops in self-development, stress management, intuitive decision making, self-hypnosis, Stephenson’s Creative Healing Massage and Cosmodic Training with 6628922051. You can access more information using the links provided or the tool bar above.

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