It won't be long before we know the truth.

I think Walt doesn't live anywhere near here.

I'm afraid there is no time.

The woods are my home.

I am yours and you are mine.

One morning, Gregor Samsa woke from a rough night's sleep and found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous bug.


Are they doing anything right now?

I use ordinary slips of paper as bookmarks.

Amanda seems to be a good cook.

We're thoroughly prepared for the millennium bug.

In times of crisis one should never idealise the past.

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It is a great honor for me to meet you.

This restaurant is less expensive.

It was the first gold medal that she had won.


I would never be your husband.

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The paint didn't stick to the wall very well.


Monty decided to dress as Pikachu for Halloween.


Makeup is amazing.

Does Pedro know where I am?

Vivek always prays before eating.

What did you want to say?

How much is this computer?

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She was beguiled by his sweet words.

Marshall put down his racket.

Did you have fun with Celeste?

He was staring at her.

Only God can help you now.


The money amounts to almost two thousands dollars.

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These aims are an important part of the regional development strategy.

I am happy to spend money on books.

I burned the trash.

Rex knew exactly what Eddy meant.

Guilherme is from Brazil. He is Brazilian.

I taught him how to swim.

I'm troubled by this birth-mark.

Though young, he is an able man.

I would never have found as short an explanation.

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Hy is naughty, isn't he?


Karl was very angry and I was, too.


Tharen is always doing this.

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Francois didn't stay for long.

Fay doesn't study as hard as he used to.

Morning is never good.

Would you like to try it on?

I am alive even though I am not giving any sign of life.


After I have had time to give some thought to the matter, I will call you.

Rafik needed something.

Does it bother you to stay here today?


I don't know what's got into her.


We heard voices in the room.

I thought we had agreed you weren't going to do that anymore.

The jewels on display disappeared.

Switzerland needs better apples.

My mother does not like watching the television.

Why don't you ask your parents to buy you a car?

Hughes doesn't like carrots.

I'm putting all my effort into this project.

They waited in line for the bus.

Please just make sure that doesn't happen.

I'm losing my passion for modern languages.

My mother always says she's going to visit me soon.

Metin looked through the window and saw Tuan.


We've got to find him first.

May I ask you some questions?

Shamim dusted himself off.


She has been invited to give the keynote speech at their annual conference.

Where did you build them?

She's always trying to help other people.


You should eat slower.

Almaty is my favorite city!

Buffalo bones were made into tools.


Girls wearing mini-skirts, walking or sitting, are very effective eye-openers.

If it makes you feel bad, why do you smoke?

Nobody has heard of it but me.

Be a good girl.

We need the police.

The first sentence is the most important sentence of the book.

Miltos was afraid to swim.

Bea didn't give it to me.

He only takes candid pictures, so he doesn't ask people to pose.

It is said that he is still alive.

The grapes ripened well that summer.

It's not a game.

The kid looks blank.

No house has only one roach in it.

That's completely beside the point.

He's starting to feel desperate.

It's easy to answer your question.

Little things often have big consequences.

Harmon, please stop being stupid.

He slept an hour.

We've got too much work to do.


What's gotten into them?

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It is said that she is the best tennis player in France.

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She has a healthy life style.


Dan had been missing for two years and was presumed dead.

Are you seriously thinking about divorce?

Do you see that thing over there?


Patricio looks like a weight lifter.

I got a premium for subscribing to the magazine.

He had no place to live.

They don't pay me enough.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Anything will be fine.

Witnesses told police that the train was travelling way over the speed limit when it derailed going around a bend.

"C-R-O-A-K! C-R-O-A-K! Dear husband of mine, Tsarevitch Ivan, why are you so sad?" gently asked the frog.

I'm worried about what'll happen if Wendi comes.

Mike left his brother in the lurch.

He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.

I know you better than your wife does.

Your eyes are beautiful.

Why do you insist on going?

I'll give you as many as you like.


I will help you as far as I can.

He lives here.

We can deal with that.

She asked me if I knew her address.

Did you want to meet with Radek?

I've got a wedding to plan.

Every year without fail, lots of foreigners come to Japan.


There is no need to reply to that letter.


I don't think he can handle the truth.

I saw Rabin give a flower Ranjit.

(Implied subject) will drink.


The police officer on duty sensed an elderly man coming up behind him.

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We have other things to think about.

I finally went to England this summer.

I have more money than him.


I saw Marla's car in the parking lot.

Johnathan was more successful than Hector.

Jef became a famous actor.

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Who taught you to surf so well?

I've apologised, so lay off, OK?

That hotel was very near the lake.

I don't want her to forget me.

He is an aristocrat.

We need it for our room!

Do you read lips?


This whole subject is clearly a sore spot with Vidhyanath.

He doesn't have a clue about anything. But he still has an opinion about everything.

I have a lot of phlegm.

They're just amazing, but you're completely stupendous.

I anticipate a good vacation.

I'm already starving.

It's a beautiful thing.


She arranged the dishes on the table.

I don't think I follow.

We want that.


What the fuck are you up to taking advantage of his proximity to cling to him like a wet T-shirt?!

He had time to prepare his men for battle.

She ran to Shinjuku.


Why do you want to help the police?

She speaks Russian.

Johnny's house was completely destroyed.

Sitting all day is bad for you.

When I awoke this morning, I felt hungry.

You must be careful when crossing a busy street.

You know that I'm willing to try this.

The flower pot has melted due to the high temperature of the furnace.

I'm looking for a friend.

Lana pretended to know nothing about it.

I promise I'll bring it right back.


Clare doesn't have a ticket.