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Are you a realtor looking for loan broker partnerships? View our realtor resources or contact us today.

Loan Education

Questions or concerns about real estate loans? Do you want to find out more before taking the next step? Learn more at our loan education section.

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Contact RMC today to speak with a qualified professional about your real estate loan needs.
RMC Real Estate Loans is a California Corporation founded in 1976. We offer the highest level of customer service and provide the most competitive loan options available.

Our performance record since 1976 has earned us teh status of a preferred correspondent with the Bay Area's leading lending sources. This meanswe receive better pricing and faster service than other mortgage brokers. In turn we oass these benefits on to our clients.

We look forward to putting our mortgage services to work for you.

Why Choose RMC Real Estate Loans?


10 different banks will give you ten different loans. One call to RMC will give you all you options.


Loans are not a part of our business, they are our business.


We have a long term relationships with multiple lenders both local and nationwide.


RMC will maximize your chances of getting the best loan regardless of occasional complications.


We’re local. You'll be communicating with the same person throughout your whole process.


You don't need to read the fine print…we will. And thoroughly explain any concerns to your satisfaction.

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