Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are born from the simplest materials, and if these are provided by nature it is possible, then, to create objects that are truly particular, original and, above all, unique in the world! 


In Italian history

Fountain pens have occupied a very important role that over the years has always been resizing. Today, fountain pens are used as gifts and not only, they are objects to be used on special occasions like the signing of an important document or a check. However, there are people who have the passion for using these sophisticated pens using them daily and therefore, often, find themselves dealing with the change of ink . How to recharge a fountain pen? The easiest way is to turn to one stationery but here we will talk about a DIY method .


The infrared pen is fundamental to be able to use

Usually this type of pens can be purchased directly on the internet , but given their simplicity , in this guide we will show you how you can build an infrared pen . You will need a few materials, all easy to find. I hope this guide can help you, you will only have to read it carefully and then put into practice what is written inside it to get a great result !


The pen is one of the tools used daily by people, both in the office and at home. It is in fact almost impossible that this does not happen, although the IT tools have almost completely supplanted the use of pens. Above all, students are always struggling with this writing tool , as well as those who do not have a good relationship with technology. However, you can customize the pen, perhaps engraving your initials. So let’s see, in the guide that follows, how to embroider your name on a classic pen .First you need to get the pen in question. It is necessary to know that the classic pens are perfect to carry out this operation. This is possible thanks to a specific motivation. In fact, due to the upper cap and the possibility of extracting the ink cartridge, it is also possible to safely stop the cotton threads. At this point, after thinking about choosing the color you want to cover your pen, it will be important to begin to unroll the beginning. Then proceed by removing the top cap from the pen, inserting the initial part of the cotton inside.


At this point

You have to leave inside about two or three centimeters of cotton, so as to block the end by inserting the cap back into place. At this point you can continue with a first turn around the circumference of the pen, trying to stop it by simply making a double knot. Be careful to tighten tight, so that there is no possibility for the cotton to move up or down. So you have to start rolling the cotton around the pen all the way down, making a single layer of cotton. Furthermore, it is advisable to take care that each lap is positioned exactly next to the previous one.