Rogue seems to be having a little difficulty.

He passed away.

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Raghu had no choice but to follow Sabrina.

She spent all afternoon cooking.

She gave me a doll.

Ranjit didn't say how many times he had been there.

What happens if I press this button?

Drew wouldn't have made it on time if he hadn't run.

This photo was the last time we were together.


Ahmed had to get up early this morning.

Painters and sculptors under the Nazis often depicted the nude, but they were forbidden to show any bodily imperfections.

Pascal tried to figure out what was going on.


This is obviously just a big misunderstanding.

I've waited a long time for this.

I studied really hard in order to pass the exam.

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An injured dog can be much more dangerous.


It's a square, not a cube.

Julian seemed to be worried about Thomas.

It was a beautiful evening.


It's the smart thing to do.

Is there anything I can help you with?

Felix quit his job because he didn't like his boss.


Make a spoon or spoil a horn.

The earth is not a star, but a planet.

But it's very strong actually.

Why did you go to Tokyo?

He sat there with his legs crossed.

Who told you to tell Leith to come?

I feel a bit depressed.

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Bill is equal to the task of running the firm.

You know I'm married.

Can you update our software?

Edgar was forced into bankruptcy.

Jeffrey understands Shari.

It is no business of yours what tie I wear.

Do you think that I'm not trying my hardest?

The school's dress code prohibits dyeing your hair a non-natural color.

The movie first reached movie screens in 1999.


I think it's time for me to buy a decent camera.


Our English teacher put emphasis on pronunciation.

I cannot help thinking so.

This isn't correct.


Crocodiles have sharp teeth.


All you have to do in writing is to keep it clear and interesting.

What are you doing to change things?

I read that book several years ago.

Do you prefer a male or female doctor?

Mistakes are made all the time.

He felt pleased with the new car.

That's not complex.

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I play a little guitar.

I think Sal knows why I'm here.

Which air conditioner do you think is the most efficient?

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Bunk beds are a way to save space.


When there's a piano to be moved, don't reach for the stool.

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Sergei tried his best to get here, but he didn't make it.

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It's a little inconvenient.

I got the message just this morning.

We've fixed on starting next Sunday.


How many people live in Australia?


You're going too fast.

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Lynne wouldn't put it that way.


I told you you could do it.


I think Glenn is happy.

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Saiid lives by himself.


He needs a cup of sugar.

She is one person I can't live without.

I've been looking for you.

Keep oil away from the fire.

You were a mistake.

He lives in an apartment.

There might be doctors there.

I'm sure I can overcome any difficulty.

It's time to eat.


There is close relationship between supply and demand.

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Do you wear shoes indoors?

Sundaresan became emotional.

To put it all together, you will have to dedicate twelve hours per week to your training.

He's a general practitioner.

It is rumored that the firm is going to tie up with an American company.

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Do you want me to teach you?

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The city library underwent extensive renovations and can now accommodate twice as many books as before.


People often don't notice their own faults.


We need to meet with her.


My son is engaged to his secretary.

Go home quickly.

Joyce told me he likes Chinese food.

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I know you're not doing that.

That's why you got the promotion.

The present agreement is put forth in two copies, signed by the two parties.

She's very lonely.

Gunnar might talk to you.

You said you were thirty and I believed you.

Clara has been taking music lessons for months.

I blame you, too.

I asked him about what he did yesterday.

It'll be really fun.

Pablo won't want it.

You're extroverted.

I'd like to live in the suburbs of Kobe.


I live in Fiji.

I can't believe nobody has put this song up yet on all of YouTube.

Ravindran slept like a log last night.


On arriving in the town, he went straight to see her.

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I'm sort of in the middle of something right now.


You'll get there in time, as long as you don't miss the train.


That's why Nicholas was hated.

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My meals are prepared by my mother.


This month's salary was 200,000 yen.

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They were tired after their visit to the museum.


I can't stand it here any longer. I need a change of scenery.

Let's do dinner tomorrow.

Ramsey is a public defender.


The door bolts on the inside.


I want to go to the park.

Thank her for the help.

He seems to have missed the point.

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I can hardly see without my glasses.

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They shot me.

This is the first time I've ever addressed Marika in Berber.

Jakob is a woman who inspires awe in all who meet her.


I want an MP3 player!


My contact lenses make my eyes dry. Should I use drops?

Draw me the Pareto curve.

I never worried about them.

I believe in Ken.

He displayed a great deal of patience.

The end is the beginning of the impossible.

No matter what you say, he still won't do it.

All is vanity.

Why do you stay with her?


We prepared for an attack.


His notion of welfare is pretty abstract.

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What, again?

Edmond filled the bathtub with water.

Have you given Bert everything?

You remind me of your father.

My body is not as supple as it once was.

I know them all.

Rayan can afford to be choosy.

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Kaneko was so stressed out at her new job that she had a nervous breakdown.

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It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society.

I found out Jean-Pierre likes romance novels.

Like many students at our school, Antonio stays up until late at night studying.

Spencer has a really good voice.

Victor pulled a small flashlight out of his pocket and turned it on.


I think I'm resolute.