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I do not know whether writing is a “disease” or a need. To me, it is the only way I can be myself in a world I have never dreamt of being as it is. Since I do not like or want to give up, I accept it as such … and to avoid seeing sheets of paper thrown around the room, I decided to write in a blog. For as long as there are readers out there, it’s worth writing for their pleasure.


My toughts


1. Racism is the fear of equality.

2. Making politics doesn’t mean condamning others to poverty.

3. Don’t ask me how much i suffer, just listen to the echo!

4. I can’t understand why unhappiness chose my face to smile to the world.

5. I am a sentence, why are you trying to see me otherwise?

6. Obsession is a genius’s inspiration.

7. I regret not knowing what i was before i was born: i miss the comparison!


Dear reader


I came by today and you were not here. . . The cafe was empty, it was like the solitude and everything were colorless in your absence. If I had met you on the streets that my steps had hastily lead me upon, I would have told you that I sometimes felt exactly like you: alone.

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For tomorrow I shall die,

And if God allow it will,

From this world of cherished lie

Only one thing taketh still:

The look in your eye.

And if He a question asked:

What your soul would care to keep?

I would just enclose one thing

For a feeling quite so deep:

The love that you give.

No beginning and no end,

Our love shall forever stand;

That my will so written be (mai mult…)

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For your steps I shall never follow

From true heights I shall bitterly stumble

While the void I feel is hollow

Death shall invade my endless temple.

You, that so distant a road would take,

May you understand my lonely fate (mai mult…)

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Solitude in Athens

On a Saturday evening, while I was getting out from the shower, all covered in towels, I heard the phone ringing. It was my friend, Mi.:

– Hello, how are you, where are you?, she asked quickly, without waiting for my answer.

It meant she wanted to say something urgent and quite important to her.

– You’re like a policeman! I’m home, I’ve just had a shower…I said, sitting by the stove to warm up.

– Perfect, she said, put on something sexy, some make-up, a little perfume and come by my house for a coffee! (mai mult…)

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Book cover


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pillar stone


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Chapter Two


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