Surya was the black sheep of the family.

I want to speak to Angus alone.

This may be the very last thing I do for you.

I teach him English.

After a six month period, his leg was healed and is normal again.

Take this home with you.

We've got a game tomorrow.

He went fishing in the river.

Did you try playing that song on your guitar?

His face expresses joy.


Kiki was anxious for help.

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Rajarshi wants to stay with us until next Monday.

I'll be happy to do that for you.

My father encouraged me to learn how to play the piano.


He is faced with a difficult problem.

Elizabeth said he had to work.

They'll be taking turns teaching the class.

Roxana would've liked you. It's too bad that you never met each other.

He works hard all the year round.

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Your teacher won't be pleased.


I think we should all be worried a little bit about the way Lawrence has been acting lately.

Why didn't you tell me Srinivasan was here?

Have you tried restarting it?

We need our demands to be met.

Clare decided to turn back.

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He left for Europe a week ago, that is, on the tenth of May.

Why does your brother hate me?

Dan will be dead next week.

It was well worth the trouble.

She did not buy the dress, which she liked very much.


Can I get a little help?

What time is breakfast?

She thinks it's a waste of time.


The eternal snow seems not so eternal anymore.

Raghu waited in his car across the street from the bank.

Can you do it for me?

I discovered that speaking English was pretty easy.

The medication is working.

He turned a deaf ear to my request.

Can you tell me which bus or train I can take to get to the town centre?

Be home by half past six.

Don't worry about the baby.


I thought we had a great relationship.

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I'm glad the kids weren't hurt.

Fred is prone to mood swings.

We have a kanji dictation test today.

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"Ganon and his minions have seized Link's sword." "How can I help?" "I haven't the slightest."


You guys love each other, right?

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I was proud of my son

And who did you learn that from?

Silk feels soft.

I was a dwarf compared with my hostesses.

It's been a long time since we last spoke, hasn't it?


We saw him walk across the street.

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Paul doesn't like beer.

What year were you born?

All that glitters is not gold.

Coleen is in want of common sense.

Mr. Brown took charge of this class last year.

Even Mick doesn't do that.

I understood one.

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You should help Anita in the garden.

I didn't know you were interested.

I want to be a nature photographer.

I use it every day.

I don't want to go back home.


The planning committee was commissioned to collect and analyze information. This will be the background for the definition of action, which will support the association to fulfill its mission.


I saw a wonderful fall there.

Lenora is due back Monday.

Julia shoved Harmon into the backseat.

Rafael has tried to kill himself.

Secure your own mask before helping others.


This isn't a safe place.


He introduced you to me, don't you remember?

I admit, I'm not the tidiest person in the world.

No one likes him because he is a liar.


Roland's bruises are gone.

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How much time did you spend doing research before you started writing?


You should be a little more sensible.


Jay certainly was polite.


Some are happy; others unhappy.

Phillip was attracted to Novo from the moment he first saw her.

Sergeant shouldn't have thrown rocks at those cats.

Joel is a giver.

Never tell the truth when a good lie will do.

Leads says he doesn't have very much money on him right now.

I want to, but I can't.

Not being useful to anyone is simply being worthless.

As soon as the results are made public, I'll let you know.

I think Lloyd is brilliant.

Your cat will survive.

I didn't say I was giving up.

Your silence makes me nervous.


I'll ask Sharan about it tomorrow.


People were gathering in a huge mass.

My mother goes to the market every day to buy things.

When I saw his mother yesterday, she said he had left the hospital a week before.


An ulcer forms in the stomach.


Make it a little bigger.

I don't have the energy for this life anymore.

The largest recipient of Japan's ODA that year was China.

I thought that my boyfriend was going to kill me.

We came in sight of the sea.

I already told my friends that I was going.

I never got a chance to congratulate you.

Everyone was fingerprinted.

She's two years younger than he.

In May, all birds lay an egg.

Did he go there?

It's impossible to make a long-distance call with this phone.

How much damage is there to the car?


It's not a question of good or bad but of better or worse.

Kory couldn't hear it, but Deb could.

Just go inside.

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A committee was constituted to investigate prices.

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Art leaped to his feet.

I don't believe that Santa Claus is imaginary.

I was stuck in traffic.

I don't know about the USSR at all.

Last year, there was a bad harvest.

You should go home. It's late.

The bird in the cage is singing happily.

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I heard you're not coming to our party.

The problem was I couldn't sing or dance.

Sanjib rushed home to get his washing off the line before the rain started.

Len told me you think I had something to do with this.

I don't like it when Jos does that.


Trevor never hit me.

He was thinking of these three young men, his oldest playmates, with whom he had once played cops and robbers.

Lex is a bit younger than me.


Why not wait until tomorrow?

Shawn retired.

Rusty and Terri ate at the same Mexican restaurant.

He courted disaster by reckless driving.

It's very hot.

We'll gladly take you home.

Rees is frightened.


I helped Tony.

Jacob beats his wife.

That became a habit.

Is the horse black?

Cool it down.


He revealed the secret to her when nobody was by.

Take no prisoners.

Both body and spirit are nurtured.

Choose us!

You do good work.

It won't be long before your dream comes true.

The house appears to be empty.

She didn't feel like eating lunch.

It looks like you're thinking about something else.

Arlene seems to be involved with Guy.

I just spoke to Jacobson's doctors.

Eat as much as you like.

I'm off the wagon.


I don't like the way you do business.

There are a lot of things I want to discuss with you.

Please visit us at your convenience.


This week, 25 people have written at least one Esperanto sentence on Tatoeba.

He is tall, fat and always busy.

Laurie lives in Melbourne.