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What can't you live without?

Jimmy tried to cajole his parents into letting him drive across the country with his friends.

Kate's parents were disappointed that he couldn't get into Harvard.

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I wish everybody would stop telling me I need to be more careful.

He is a tough cookie.

I've been here all night.


I think this is a dream.

George's sister made me a few sandwiches.

Rabbi, that man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan - the one you testified about - well, he is baptizing, and everyone is going to him.

I wanted to see you, too.

The ducks pecked him, the chickens beat him, and the girl who fed the poultry kicked him with her feet.


She's a professional cake decorator.

He said something I didn't understand.

You must take life as it is.

Francis sang softly.

Petr has an airtight alibi.

I can't put up with this hot weather.

I found it impossible to do the job in a day.

They are wasting time.

They were dancing.


Try it.


Anne and Dimetry are both fine.


Can you watch the kids for a few hours?


She suffers from low blood pressure.

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Kerri seems moody.

She poked her sister in the eye with a stick.

There may be more than one possibility.


Please tell me the way to the post office.

Arnold kissed him, but Jochen didn't kiss her back.

He was picked up by a passing ship.

Hector told Brett that she shouldn't include her phone number in her profile.

You can't be down here.

I think Skef understood that.

Wait for me, I am coming.

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They were collecting information.

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I thought you got your job back.

I don't have any time to waste.

What's wrong, honey?


Many of the world's greatest discoveries happened by pure chance.


She had a bad tooth taken out.


You don't have to be a genius.

You will stay with me.

This book is really old.

Triantaphyllos is no longer a child.

So what else is new?


I think Emma was only bluffing.

We need to weigh our options.

Tell her that I am sated.

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My grandparents enjoy playing croquet.

I am packing up my things.

He would not raise my salary.


She gave him all of her silver.

It's very likely that someone will be waiting for us.

We conducted our investigation with the greatest care.

Both sat down.

Good health consists of proper eating and moderate exercise.

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I don't want to do this with you.

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Can you get them?

It takes time.

The decision is still not definite.

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You can't interfere.

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See you later!

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What happened that day?

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When you leave the bathroom, you should wash your hands.


You're such a chicken.

I told Jim what happened.

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Thank you very much for having me in your program.

Where did Kim find the machete?

I bought this suit just for this occasion.

I've never seen such a thing in my life, not once!

Celeste isn't alone in this opinion.

Lana told himself that he had made the right decision.

I went to school with her.

Everybody got scared.

I think we can accept that.

Call the doctor!

My mother feels better.

The methods used to overcome stress are different for men and women: drinking is the major method used by men, while women deal with stress by chatting.

They didn't leave me anything to translate.


Nicholas and Suresh wanted their children to live the American dream.


Where are they living?


I have seen her three times.


He's cheating on you!

It was worse.

They are now sitting in conference on that question.

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Many people were outraged by a picture of a women pumping air into her tires while a man stood beside her playing on his phone.


He will get his job back at the next election.

I just wanted to make you proud.

Only the Chinese and the Russians have missiles strong enough to destroy aircraft carriers.

We're bankrupt.

I want to move here.


The workers came to ask about their pay raises.

Ozan packed up his belongings.

He died last year of old age.

What do you think of the new movie?

Let me at least talk to her.

Where would I find CDs?

You need more meat on your bones.

She chose the red dress.

There are turtles that are more than two centuries old.

Why do you detest Kirsten?

Both Irfan and Murray lost their jobs.


Are you sure you're not angry?


Turning the steering wheel makes the car turn.

Do you want to go to a movie tonight?

The first time I met Betty, I was nervous.

You're fascinating.

Something caught Milner's attention.

I feel pretty good about it.

I didn't want to disturb Aaron.

Knock on the door of happiness.

That man is dangerous.

Doesn't anything ever get to you?

In spring the days get longer.

Lets get the fuck out of here.

Do I need to be at the meeting on Monday?


It just stopped working.

Let's not kid ourselves.

Donovan drank the water that Sandeep gave him.

I've had no problems with him.

I shortened my speeches.

When will the Japanese class start?

I could have done it faster by myself.

In the old days, when man was innocent, God sent his daughter to see the Earth.

See, I told you Shamim couldn't swim.

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No more than one professor is respected by every student.

My brother is a boy and my sister is a girl.

Now you tell.

Ask Dimitry anything.

That's the guy I was telling you about.

I can't count on you.

Keep back.


My father's a farmer. His family doesn't have money, and his life is very difficult.

Eddy walked to the window.

I'd like to try out this new model before I buy it.

Let's do something together.

He need not have run so fast.

We love chili.

What do these statistics mean?


If you don't want to attend Huashi's birthday party, you don't have to.

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I'd like to move to the countryside.

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Let's get them out of the water.


What's to be done next?

My family is wealthy.

I went into partnership with him.

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Paola is being quite discreet, isn't he?


When can I see you next time?

You have been beaten. Give in!

Keiko isn't as tall as I.

It's practically impossible not to use baby talk when talking to a young child.

Look at all you've accomplished.

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Are there many tourists in Armenia?

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Very little is known about them.