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I didn't manage to find the address of my hotel.

I never got to talk to them.

Polly walked to the front door and knocked.

The radioactive cloud stopped at the border.

Someone stole my stuff.

I didn't see who was driving.

The monkey came down.

I missed supper.

You have to admit first your fault before I'll forgive you.

Syed knows exactly what he wants.

He will never play you foul.

We had fun.

Bananas are energizing.


There is nothing more refreshing than a cold beer on a hot day.


Women usually have the gift of gab.

I regard crab as a great delicacy.

I told him what you did.

Pierre has a Canadian passport.

Even monkeys throw stones at the man unwanted at home.

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Christie met John at Pride.

You must be Coleen's parents.

I thought you had a date with Betty.

We were disillusioned with the result.

Are you guys crazy?


Are you sure you don't want a little more spaghetti?

The bank loaned the company $1 million.

We can't be sure of the total cost yet.


This river is one mile across.

If you compare this to that, which is better?

I had to deal with Peter.

He couldn't bear the heat.

Santa is kind of cute, isn't he?


We are all happy.

I've located Marsh.

I think my phone is bugged.

Did you win a ribbon, too?

It is said that golf is very popular in Japan.


I'll look up the location of the town on my map.


You should've seen me dance.

I will remain at home.

You are stupid, and so is he.

I'm not at fault.

Would you excuse us, please?

My mother caught a cold and couldn't smell.

Slow and steadily wins the race.

Mr Tanaka called during your absence.

Roxana put off his departure till Sunday.


Jiri tried to strangle Jackye.

Let's turn off the TV.

I guess we shouldn't have told Ricky that.

Rolfe used to send me birthday gifts.

This is the color of raspberries.


Venkata didn't give further details.

I always knew that one day this would happen.

Casper is an immigrant from Australia.

We need to work together in order to make Tatoeba a better website.

Saify thought that Vincenzo was asleep.

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I told you not to play your cello late at night, but you did and now the neighbors have complained.

Have you ever seen this movie before?

Hillary picked up one of the cans, opened it, and took a sip.

Alfred took the microphone away from Sundaresan.

It's difficult to standardize language for a multi-ethnic nation.

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What do you know about them?

I met Stagger once before.

Everybody panicked.

I tried to focus my attention on reading.

He dissociated himself from the firm he had worked for for eighteen years.

He shouted, "Get out!"

We need it badly.


Dental care is expensive.

I think you need to find yourself a part-time job.

We won't be unreasonable.

Please give me the details of the accident.

I just wanted to make you proud.

You should go home. It's getting late.

Doug only had three dollars left in his wallet.

What a clever boy he is!

If a sick person folds one thousand paper cranes, her wish will come true.

He greeted me with a smile.

That's what makes the difference.

Delete his name from the list.

The current sentence is false.

Is this your first time eating Japanese food?

The three of us spend a lot of time together.

According to the newspaper, the cost of living in Tokyo is the highest in the world.

Do they exist?

Raman was curious to know Piete's secret.

I can't ask Lindsey now.


You should read a lot of books while you're young.

Merton seems distressed.

Urs gave Rupert a brief outline of his plan.

She's a really nice person.

Because he is there.

Methinks I am like a man, who having struck on many shoals, and having narrowly escap'd shipwreck in passing a small frith, has yet the temerity to put out to sea in the same leaky weather-beaten vessel, and even carries his ambition so far as to think of compassing the globe under these disadvantageous circumstances.

Nobody wants to look stupid.

Sandra bent down and touched his toes.

I never touched him.


We'll meet you at the gate.

I told Pilar I didn't want his help.

You're lucky.

Wade walked as fast as he could to catch up with Emma.

What do you infer from her strange behavior?

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Sammy Davis was an excellent singer.


Christophe claims to be a Canadian.

The cows grant us their milk, and the chickens grant us their eggs.

He knocked his knee against the chair.

Dustin's blood pressure is normal.

She planted the flower bulb in the garden.

Shamim was about to say something when Laura entered the room.

Isn't it perfect?

He wanted even more territory.

Where are the singers?


Last night it was so hot that I couldn't sleep well.

I have lived in Sasayama for three years.

Nothing happens to me.

Oleg has decided to stay.

They dove in one after the other.

On crowded buses young people should give their seats to old people.

Rod was carrying a big bag of candy.

Get it together!

He couldn't corral his anger.

This is the last time I'm telling you to do that.

Salt is used to thaw ice.


The jug was very heavy.

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I think you should tell Joe that you love him.

This horse kicks when anyone comes up from behind.

Australia is one of the countries I want to visit before I die.

I'm not interested in going to any museums today.

The maid served the tea.

Lock and barricade all doors.

My father learnt some German when he was in Germany.

Learning without thought is labor lost.

Choose the right word!


The temperature fell.


Joubert's eyesight is deteriorating.

I'll report on this matter tomorrow.

I wish you wouldn't drive so fast.


He set out to read the book through in a day.

This is a game-changer.

Suzy hopes that Olivier will ask her out.

Are you having any difficulty swallowing?

Roberto has committed suicide.

I feel that I should help you.

How could I have fallen in love with her so quickly?


Amir expected Philip to come.

I don't like Boston.

His room is untidy.

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I spilt my inkwell.

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This textbook is written in simple English.

Too many children have died.

Naoto heard Elsa snoring in class.

My problem is I don't trust you.

I thought Shirley had already left.


Sir, we need your help please.

Once selected to join the astronaut corps, training begins at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

I wonder what Judge ate for his Christmas dinner.

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I went to school yesterday.

I saw a soldier carrying a flamethrower.

Jin knew I was busy.

Sit back down. We're not leaving yet.

They're all drunk except for Izzy.


This is my natural hair color.

I had a hard time making both ends meet.

I don't really want to eat Chinese food tonight.

Now what're we going to do?

Koala bears smell like eucalyptus.


I'd rather go camping.

Warren wrapped his arm around me.

She is not my sister but my mother.