Give me my drink.

Is it just me, or is Tatoeba extremely slow today?


Sergiu doesn't need to be here on Monday.


It was not until five years later that I heard of his marriage.

I was studying late last night.

You're not going to believe it.


I gave my seat to the old lady.

Don't tell my husband.

We've decided to move the meeting to next Sunday.

Ethan wouldn't mind.

I don't have a religion and I don't follow any god.

Doug prepared supper by himself.

We are currently experiencing some turbulence.

What a hideous-looking couch.

I will write to you soon.

I thought you wanted to wait until Jock arrived.

It looks really hard!

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You should be careful with those.

Greg told Janice he thought she was an idiot.

I am bound to him by a close friendship.


I don't think Yvonne cared.


I was hoping I'd see you again.

You're pretty late to have just gone shopping. Have you been making out someplace?

I'm against that resolution.


Sir paid the fare.

Students from the suburbs come to school by bus.

You could get arrested for that.

Kirsten usually sleeps with the lights on.

She is always cheerful and smiling.

We accused him of having stolen the bike.

The desire for love to be mutual does not belong to love but to vanity.

No one wants to answer that question.

Dannie made his way through the jungle.


It's popular in China.

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Can we talk in my office for a minute?

Do not be afraid to kill Edward; it is good.

Harv pushed his way through the crowd.

I see you're wearing a new hat.

It was just a fight.

I'm glad we put all that behind us.

No love is foul nor prison fair.

No one of us is immortal.

She was alone in the house.

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She went travelling with her friend.


You know that's impossible.


Don't you think that's probably a good thing?

Dan didn't even see the show.

He is proud of having been educated in the United States.

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You can't fix it in the amount of time you have left.

Jennifer and the others are headed this way.

He finished reading the book.

Can I stay and help?

It's still obscure to me.

I think we need to ask Dustin to help us.

We haven't told Susanne yet.

That is my opinion.

He's too old to go out until 6 a.m.


Is money needed?


I figured Justin wouldn't come.

Why do you come here?

What a great story!

I really need the pills for myself.

Have you figured out what to do?

Clare must've been showing off.

Juliane wondered what Helge was trying to say to him.

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Willie was barred from a women-only dinner.


Do you want me to help them?

It can't work.

"What kind of girls do you like the most?" "The kind who love me."


I know him better than anyone does.

We're ready to roll.

Do you still need money?

The people are angry.

Kyle's suggestion is worth considering.

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He is to come to my house tonight.

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Please tell me when you are coming back.


I got hurt while running.

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If I were to go abroad, I would go to France.

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I want to speak.

He may still be young, but he really is a reliable person.

This coffee tastes great.


I'm not going to kiss you, Srinivasan.


I know that you are learning French at school.

Harv added a room to his house.

Everybody likes money.

This car uses the most gas.

I think I can facilitate that.


Vicente is from Chile. He is Chilean.

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The trees are big.

My friend sent me a link to this video.

You're contagious.


I was taken up to the third floor.


I don't know anyone like that.

Obstetricians also bear a high risk of suits.

All the sheep were huddled together in the shade of the only tree in the paddock.

He had a very strong impact on the history of art.

Please help me pick out a hat which matches my new dress.

I never thought they would accept me.

Don't believe him who speaks nice words, but him who speaks simply the truth.

Go ahead and ask him.

Nixon was caught lying because he bugged his own office.


They cashed in on the second oil crisis.

I'm glad to see you!

Maybe I can reason with him.


Her birthday party will be given next evening.

It's only a book.

Late in the evening we found our way to the foot of the mountain at last.

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Sofoklis was dismissed without notice.

She woke him up.

I followed you.

I was going to go to the United Arab Emirates.

Oskar pinched me.

He flirts with other girls on Facebook.

Strictly speaking, there were some mistakes in his speech.


I can't tell you any more about it.


If you're going to do this, you'd better hurry.

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He requested me to keep it secret.

Meeks won the Eurovision Song Contest.

You can shower here.

The aisle to reach the exit is very narrow.

I can barely read his writing.


I think I can beat you.


The proof is in the pudding.


Rodger must be found immediately.

Elaine didn't even mention Vice's name.

I love your books.


Japan is very different from what it was fifty years ago.

It would not be amiss to ask his views.

I didn't want to make a scene in front of everyone.

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You need to call the police immediately.

I gave up on the idea of buying a house.

Everybody wants to go.

Have you ever spoken to Dylan in French?

I think Amigo is reliable.

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He is honesty itself.

Say it's not true.

She doesn't always come late.

It is impossible to get him to understand the new theory.

It's weeks since I've seen Pierre.

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The post office is just across from the bank.

Stay behind me.

I go to school on a bus.


The government in Baghdad had fallen.

Christian is very good.

Where did you beat them up?


My father insisted I should go to see the place.


I admire you for keeping your head.

You look just like Elliot looked thirty years ago.

He is going to have to buy them.

Do you really want to stay young forever?

I knew you wouldn't have enough time.

People used to laugh at us.

I think it's necessary to sleep well to keep in good health.

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I seldom hear your tune.