Sorrel read the whole Bible from beginning to end.

In 1958, the statue was built in the Hiroshima Peace Park.


Murthy is on the board of directors.

Michael came close.

I'd like something new.

I've never been so happy.

Many people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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I think I'm the only one awake.


He went out of this door, never to return.


In 1874, Felix du Temple, built a monoplane that flew just a short hop down a hill with the help of a coal fired steam engine.


We can go shopping later.

In her elementary school days, Casper dreamed of becoming a teacher.

The music was excellent.

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I'd like to leave the windows open.

Leung thinks that she is ugly.

I really do not want to go.


I had a pleasant experience on my trip.

You shouldn't have called me.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Why should I hire Jianyun?

Stu said he didn't want to talk to me.

The company was forced to lay off many employees.

He has occult powers!

Living conditions were hard.

The hall was decorated with potted palms.


He has been to India.

His business was only a partial success.

I told Merton to help Lee, but he didn't.


There's nothing we could show off with.


She's not interested in her English lessons.

Will you look after my children for me?

He ran so he would get there on time.

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Never has he been to such a place.


I remember hearing that music somewhere.


She has a long nose.

I was surprised when Morton said he was unhappy here.

You are working in Milan.

This is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen.

Lie on the examining table.

What's your Skype login name?

The wall was covered with pictures of gunshot victims.

The train departs here at 9:00 a.m.

These might be significant.

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The West watches the elections in Rwanda with suspicion.

Liber may feel dizzy if she does not sit in the front seat.

The seven questions that an engineer has to ask himself are: who, what, when, where, why, how and how much.

Sergiu saw it, too.

I had a funny dream last night.

Is that your new book?

Deborah saw something unusual.

They were all hysterical.

Oskar has been crying almost every day.


I have a few friends here.


Willie looked at them both.

Tobias knew something went wrong, didn't he?

I know it's not a joke.

They paid no attention to their safety.

I don't know if I'm stupid or not.

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If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.

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He is fatter than when I last saw him.


This blouse buttons at the back.

Dad gave me a computer game.

The old man slept very late that morning.

He got a new job.

Cats and mice are natural enemies.

I think Kathy hates my dog.

I'll pay for dinner.


I did not intend to say that.

I guess I always knew there was a chance that Suzan wouldn't come.

We're considering that.

Some people in the world suffer from hunger.

As for the theoretical side, Peterson's claim is pertinent to our discussion.

You're putting me on.

My license is still suspended.


Come in and sit down.

The javelin thrower's record was 12 metres.

I'm worn out by the hard work.

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I wouldn't call that an improvement.


Nothing has gone right all day.

It must be done more carefully.

Do you really think you're the first one to ask me that question?


He was in charge of preparing a magazine for publication.

At what time should we go to the station?

Brett doesn't pay any attention.

Donne was injured in a car accident.

While he was waiting for the train, he listened to music and sent text messages.

Few languages have audio-visual isomorphism.

Michael and Celeste are going downtown to eat pizza.


They might be older than us.

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This country was subject to a neighboring country.


Lievaart had no life insurance.

Thank you, my friend.

Milton is one of the classic writers.

The butterfly flew.

Don't stand up.


My mum likes tea very much.

Walt didn't know how to respond to Root.

Some national parks offer showers and even baby-sitting services.


I know what Kusum's thinking.

The moon looks so perfectly round. It's actually the base of a cone, you know.

Where is the nearest bank?

Marci says he comes here every year.

Constantine the Great is discussed controversively in modern historical research.

We will make it public.

I just want to get better.


If you watch past season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without me, I'm going to kill you.

A book fell from the shelf and landed squarely on its face.

The dog was so clever that he seemed almost human.

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He suffers from a chronically exaggerated opinion of himself. Wherever he goes, he thinks no one can hold a candle to him.

"Could you do this instead of me?" "Sorry, I'm too busy."

I could not subdue the desire to laugh.

You have to make them understand.

I am sending the invoice by fax.


How long has he lived in London?

May I presume to tell you that you are wrong?

I kind of worry about stuff like that.


I was flabbergasted when I found out that Sonny used to be called Peter.


She's very interested in music.

I am washing my hands because I have dirty hands.

I didn't want to appear hypocritical.

I cannot forget Taninna's face.

Louis thinks I'm still a kid.

This afternoon I feel very tired.

Put the book back in the bookcase.


Ariel deceived Rakhal.


Clifford folded his sheets.

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That's what really happened.

I'm very impatient to see the new version of Tatoeba.

It'd be best if a few more female singers could come.


Sit down and have a drink.

We must keep on fighting.

Hurry up, or you'll miss your plane.

Tuan looks extremely happy.

I'm planning to stay at the hotel.

Are you going to do something?

A good sweat will cure a cold.


I remember locking the door.


He said that America declared its independence in 1776.

Wherever he goes, he has bodyguards with him.

There is no easy cure-all for old economic ills.

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You're right, I'm sorry.

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Am I going to be OK?

You can eat lunch here in this room.

They shoot horses, don't they?

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I think something terrible has happened to Judith.

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His remarks on the subject are much to the point.

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Are you Naresh's lawyer?

I knew exactly what to look for.

Your wife is in your office.

You've figured it out, I think.

Even though he apologized, I'm still furious.

Do you think it looks good on me?

Water doesn't stay in a sieve.

You're back, are you?

I've been told that.