What keeps you up at night?

He lives in a dry county.

You can't replace the comma with a period in this sentence.

They visited us at the camp during summer vacation.


Don't give them to him.

It's not surprising that he be proud of his son.

The meeting will be put off.


The question is what does Tigger want.


How far away do you think that ship is?

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There are plenty of books in his study.

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You're like a brother to me.


For general amusement, I'm wearing a mini-skirt today.

He managed to run the machine.

Just watch me.

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I found my father's diary which he kept for 30 years.

Louie says that he needs to clear his mind and relax after a stressful day at work.

This reminds me of him.


Extreme cold covered Europe.


If you haven't driven a bike yet, you should give it a shot.

My urine is a little red.

Malcolm acted as if he heard nothing.

Did anyone tell Murat where he should park his car?

It could be dangerous to do what Patrice is asking us to do.

Why don't you go back to your hotel and get some sleep?

The trail got steeper.


He has a checkered past.


I also want to see the ocean.

He has a lot of books.

This is going to happen a lot from now on.

Tracey is hopelessly in love with Liza.

Everyone felt sorry for us.


We naturally take pride in the old temples of our country.

On Saturday I went to the zoo, and a monkey, who wouldn't stop screeching, pulled my hair.

It's not my fault.


This is an extremely important point.


We all had the same idea.

Nils is reserved.

We don't want to go down that road, do we?

Can you help me organize my files before you leave?

Maurice spends a lot of time at Hurf's.


The meeting was called off.

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I broke the world record.


Feeling too cool 'cause you're the only one amongst your friends who speaks more than three languages? Fear not. On Tatoeba, we won't think you're cool.


Something is wrong with the brakes.


A crisis in France could be bad for America.

Piotr bends over backwards to please Bertrand.

All of us want prices to decline.


I want you to listen to what I have to say.

Did you expect something different to happen this time?

Mark is so honest that everyone praises him for it.

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It's impossible to change it now.


Jess has just had a heart attack.


In order to distract the population from their true intrigues, the politicians devised some half-hearted reforms.


You can call me at whatever time you want.

I'm so proud of Brad.

If only I had known this before taking this test!

I sent her a doll.

This is a good idea.

His English is excellent.

I worked my ass off on that project.


He walked so fast that she couldn't keep up with him.


Hurf can be difficult to deal with at times.

Jarl seemed successful.

The beach was fairly empty.


Raise the blinds to let in a little light.

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Which one of them is mine?


Serdar doesn't always do what he's supposed to.

I can't afford to buy her a new dress.

Maybe you and I should get something to eat.

Now, this is a problem.

Tomorrow is convenient for me to call on you.

The court ordered her to pay the fine.



He wouldn't give you anything.


He changed his mind daily.


When did he arrive here?

Where's Lori's suitcase?

Look up to the sky. You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down.

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It's a complicated transaction.

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That sir isn't a teacher, he's a doctor.

He made fun of the teacher.

I don't know when Sehyo will come.

Go away right now!

Were you playing tennis yesterday morning?


How long have you been alienated from your family?

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He was impressed by her skills.

Biotechnology will bring about a revolution in agriculture.

Good wine needs no bush.


I see a page has been torn out of this book.

Cecilia wasn't a teacher.

Silence prevailed along the funeral route.


She went on a trip for a few days.


The dog next door is always barking.

I am coating the wall with lime.

He was abducted by aliens.

Arguments can disrupt the work.

The patient is sick beyond all hope.

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In wore my best clothes.


I don't think I've ever done anything that would cause my parents to want to punish me.

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When is the ship due to arrive?


This is one of the best local newspapers.

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Really? You look younger.


The police are investigating the murder.

The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you make.

Seen through a telescope, the planets take on a completely new appearance.


I forget your phone number.


Tovah said that Indra helped you.

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Wade doesn't get along with the man who lives next door.

I was chilled to the bone.

Don't call me anymore.

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That's theirs.


I must destroy you.

The box was empty.

Can you give me a boat?


Are you using the online dictionary whose link I gave you?

He has an aptitude for painting.

Cindie is checking ID's.


Thank you for informing us that Mr Dived prepared the policy draft.

I've never seen him happier.

Her behaviour toward me was a departure from the norm.


I wanted to ask Markus how long he had lived in India.

They shared glances.

Herman tried to comfort Kylo.

Mr. John's older than I thought.

You had better not go after dark.


I like the way this tastes.

This is the first time I've ever got across this river.

I'm betting it doesn't even exist.


They said he had a weak form of smallpox.

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Oliver doesn't like Marvin's sense of humor.

I don't think Maria was so busy today.

There shouldn't be any commas in this sentence.

Is that yours?

You told Ramon yes, I hope.

Think fought his way through the flames and rescued the child from the burning house.

We need to cut spending.


Let's wait for Shean and the others to return.


Leila would've loved it.

I deserve to know the truth.

Damn those New Yorkers; they're taking all our rightful Bostonian jobs.

Micah says Dirk keeps hanging up on him.

The door will not open; the lock must be out of order.